Digi Lab

Wednesday 22, Thursday 23 and Friday 24, November – 15 to 20H

Presented by Universidad de la Comunicación. With the collaboration of Derivative/TouchDesigner

A program of special workshops, conferences, open interviews, installations and VR experiences. A meeting point for our community during the evening of the festival week at Casa MUTEK.MX



16H Creators Session

With Yelte Castro from Cocay, Gilberto Castro from INTUS, Ary Ehrenberg from Medusa Lab and Salvador Loza from Vngravity
Moderator: Luis Carreño

19H Conversations

With Camila Fuchs, Sol del Rio,
 Cadie Desbiens (Push 1 stop)

Moderator: Lucia Anaya


18H Future Cities

A Simposium presented by Newton Fund and the British Embassy in Mexico as part of the Innovation Nights UKMX program (register needed)


17H Resident Advisor Exchange

With The Orb, interview by Matthew McDermott

18H Conversations by FACT MAG

With James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas (Emptyset), interview by John Twells


TouchDesigner (QUOTA FULL)
Future Cities Symposium
Hola.Wave Studio


Cocay Studio pres. Corpóreo

“Corpóreo” (“Corporeal”) is an immersive VR experience that refers to the bodily: that which has space, width, length, latitude, depth, mass, weight, volume; a set which means an entity, that which occupies time and space. This experimental project allows the viewer to modify from an interactive way and gives the opportunity to shape a body, generating a material and sound prototype within three different virtual stages.

Medusa Lab pres. UnInverse

A brief audiovisual detour about the essence of the universe and the most basic structures that constitute life. It is a trip within the macro and microscopic worlds, allowing us to gaze at the similarities of essence and topographies of existence, aside from the scale. UnInverse is like a seed, a universe which unfolds inside another universe.

Vngravity pres. Eco

In this occasion, we are focused in the biodiversity of our country, generating a virtual reality piece and an augmented reality one, making a 3D collage that reminds us of the diverse that is our territory to raise awareness of its protection and fair use.  


Inter(Lab) UC pres. Sense

An audiovisual experience to understand, categorize and empathize with the different emotive profiles taking into consideration the different stimulus of the MUTEK festival in previous years. We gathered data from three different profiles to which they answered one single variable: not knowing the festival, knowing the festival but not having been to it and having been to it at least one time. Out interest is to see how the emotional intensity, the type of information of each profile through micro-expressions and electroencephalography as well as direct visual associations. This profiles are represented in a installation, which recreates the date through luminescent devices, auditive response and data visualization.

Lab Inmersión CCD pres. DBDB

Digital Body Database is a project which scans the collective gestures as a way to preserve the memory of human corporeality. Immerse in the changes technology pursues in different levels and reconfiguring an ample specter of practices and daily we can be suspicious of our body as we know it. The Digital Body Database scans, processes and storages the body of the audience in a virtual platform. The database documents and shows different political cultural and technological manifestations, which constantly determine the anatomy of our species. The database is open, scanning more and more bodies every time. The information is free and any person can download it to add, modify and re-appropriate it under the Creative Commons license terms.

Location: Casa MUTEK.MX
Av. Mexico 200, Hipódromo Condesa

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