Nocturne 1

Friday November 24 – 20.30 to 4H

SEAT Presents

The festive Nocturne program features two long journeys in a multi-stage venue set for experiences offering AV shows and sophisticated musical shows which range from the experimental to the ambient and dance, all different sound alternatives.

Artists and set times:

20.30H Doors

Room A:
22.20H Chloé (FR)
23.35H Kelly Lee Owens (UK)
00.50H Elektro Guzzi (AT)
02.05H Nina Kraviz (RU)

Room B:
21.45H Lucas Paris (CA/QC)
23.00H Emptyset (UK)
00.15H No Light & /*pac (MX)
01.10H Would & Push 1 stop (CA/QC)
02.10H Practice (MX)

Room C:
22.15H Edgar Mondragón (MX)
23.15H Jadir Zárate (MX)
00.30H Leafar Legov (DE)
02.15H Isaac Soto (MX)

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+18 years old

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Location: Fábrica
Calle Henry Ford 81, Tlalnepantla de Baz

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