Nocturne 2

Saturday November 25 – 19:30 to 5H

A Hennessy Very Special Invitation

Each Nocturne at MUTEK.MX features a long journey multi-stage experience with different rooms offering AV shows and sophisticated spatial design.

Artists and set times:

19.30H Doors

Room A:
22.15H A. Burton & J. Roy (artificiel) (CA/QC)
23.10H Telefon Tel Aviv (US)
00.25H Musique Nouvelle (CA/QC)
01.25H Lucas Gutierrez (AR)
02.40H Squarepusher (UK)
03.55H Dark Sky (UK)

Room B:
20.55H Transgresorcorruptor (MX)
21.50H Camila Fuchs (MX+DE)
22.55H Sol del Rio (AR)
00.00H The Sight Below (US)
01.15H Thomas Fehlmann (DE)
02.30H Kettenkarussell (DE)

Room C:
21.30H Egroj (MX)
22.35H Orphan Ann (SE)
23.20H LCC (ES)
02.20H CNDSD (MX)
01.35H Upgrayedd Smurphy (MX)
02.50H Second Woman (US)

Artist profiles

General Tickets

+18 years old

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Location: Fábrica
Calle Henry Ford 81, Tlalnepantla de Baz