Wednesday Nov 21 to Friday Nov 23
Shows at 19:00 and 20:00 H
Papalote Museo del Niño’s Digital Dome
Immersive experience
Nonotak, Synichi Yamamoto & Intercity-Express

$200.00 MXN + ticket fee


A/Visions programming brings together the avant-garde and new passages in audiovisual experience at the international level: performances take us to universes individual to each guest artist through risky new formats, creative technology, multidisciplinary experimentation, and a disruption of current trends in aesthetic experience. A/Visions unites audiovisual pioneers, emerging artists, and commissioned projects in a unique curatorship to introduce intense sensory experiences that make audiences feel other dimensions and which show what creativity is capable of achieving through technology.

A/Visions 1

A/Visions 1
is one of MUTEK.MX’s most celebrated traditions, perhaps each year’s only opportunity to live immersive experiences in their entirety. With a selection of the most innovative large-format performances and works commissioned by the festival, A/Visions 1 is a gift to the senses.

Synichi Yamamoto & Intercity-Express (JP) present Noesis:
Noesis is the visualization of philosophical concepts related to the origins of Nature and the Universe from an art perspective. To visualize abstract thoughts, Synichi Yamamoto & Intercity-Express have carried out numerous visual experiments while answering questions like “how does it feel to be surrounded by noise?” and “What does earth look like from the inside?” The answers form the basis of Noesis.

Nonotak (JP) present Versus
A new form of architecture, a non-place created from the distortion of space, is also a notion of infinity as something possible. From the perceptions of assistants placed at the center of a 360ª immensity, the duo Nonotak immerses audiences in an imaginary abstract. Direct and innovative for MUTEK.MX’s most unique format, their program includes A/Visions in the Digital Dome at the Papalote Children’s Museum. With Versus, Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamoto carry the possible contrasts between sound and image to altogether different ends, between space and time, and in a work created especially for viewing within the Digital Dome.

Papalote Museo del Niño’s Digital Dome
Av. Constituyentes 268, del. Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX.

After nine editions pushing the very limits of audiovisual experience in theaters, concert halls, and outdoor spaces, in 2012 MUTEK.MX presented its first large format works at the Papalote Children’s Museum. The domodigital and the IMAX screen, unique in Mexico at the time, provided the canvas for two totally new immersive experiences on the country’s art agenda: the world premiere of live A/V from Tim Hecker in collaboration with The Joshua Light Show, and NOVI_SAD & Ryoichi Kurokawa, respectively. The program A/Visions 4 during Edition 9 was a watershed for the festival’s format and innovative for the large-format presentation offered within all institutional cultural  spaces in the city. Year after year, since 2012, MUTEK.MX has taken to the domodigital to offer global and national premieres of performances specially developed to stimulate the senses through immersive creativity.

The domodigital is an integrated semi-spherical screen, 23 meters in diameter and 13 meters in height at its zenith. It generates a 360º field of vision, and relies on a video management system used in advanced planetariums and giant screens around the world. The regular program of the domodigital is devoted to works on science, anthropology, and astronomy. But once each year, the dome opens its doors to the avant-garde works of MUTEK.MX, enabling unique experiences, unrepeatable collaborations, and international premieres.


A/Visions 2
Nocturne 1
Nocturne 2