ATOM TM pres. Deep State DE


Uwe Schmidt aka Señor Coconunt, Lisa Carbon, Atom Heart, Lassigue Bendthaus…  Deutch with base in Chile
Funky techno, inventive ambient, classical glitch, electro latino, mechanical pop
Deep State
Raster-Noton, Ostgut Ton, Rather Interesting


Genius, veteran, and transformer: since 1990, Uwe Schmidt has created—and rescued—music non-stop under more than 70 aliases, and recorded an official discography of some 247 releases. Although in Latin America he’s loved and remembered primarily as Señor Coconut, it’s been as ATOM ™ that he’s been at his most constant over the last five years, and the name under which he’s deepened his audiovisual performances. With techno as a starting point, ATOM ™ produced 167 official releases, five of them in collaboration with Tetsu Inoue & Bill Laswell, Marc Behrens, Jack Sienkiewicz, Boys Noize and Tobias. HD+, the live version of the HD album, is a new sound manifesto launched in 2013 via Kompakt. This then transformed into the audiovisual experience which triumphed on the global circuit of festivals and digital art and sound stages. 

Deep State, which had its world premiere at the L.E.V. Festival (Gijón, April 2018), is perhaps the most radical, intense and dark piece Uwe Schmidt has presented under any alias. The A/V performance explores the more compact, mechanical, and repetitive sides of rhythmic structures throwing audiences into a deep meditative state to connect with a personal present. At the same time, the performance addresses the social meanings of deep state (a term alluding to the network of power operating behind the farce of democracy), and through imagery of a harsh and maximum simplicity. In ATOM ™’s own words,  Deep State is an “illustration of the unstable and disorienting state we are in now.”


 Aurora Halal