Paolo Montiel pres. IPA MX

Nocturne 1 and 2


Artist Paolo Montiel with content interventions by Quarso and Cocolab (CDMX)
Light installation


MUTEK.MX when collaborating in the lighting and design of spaces in prior editions, today he is presented as part of the artistic lineup focused on immersive digital art experience. IPA, an installation created specifically for the FÁBRICA, opens an exploration space somewhere between architecture, sound, and light in motion, and for each Nocturne performance this year. It serves as a canvas for light and sound content provided by the Cocolab and Cuarso platforms. Architectural and natural space are transformed into tools with which Paolo Montiel generates an integrated experience and provokes reflection in viewers using only light. In each of his works, technology is used as a means for revealing the beauty of nature and to present a critique of technology’s misuse on our planet. IPA has been realized with the support of the agency, Player.

Cuarso is a multimedia studio dedicated to the generation of immersive experiences for multimedia works, collaborating primarily in the creation of multimedia works for sound artists and live performances. With each project, Cuarso is complemented by a team of artists, filmmakers, designers, engineers, programmers, musicians, and technology developers who present ambitious and even transcendent works. For their own part, the Cocolab platform has produced many of the most impressive digital experiences in Mexico, from the mapping of Chichen Itzá to the White Canvas light installation.


Martin Lêveque
Craig Dorety