Quarso pres. Contact MX

Nocturne 1 and 2


Multimedia studio Quarso
Light installation


Enthalpy is the quantity of energy a system exchanges with its environment, an energy phenomenon which requires no decision, mood, or judgment. It’s but a tenuous dance, embodying an exercise, conquering language, and finding meaning in an encounter with a greater power. It’s an energy, ceasely flowing, and connecting with everything.

Contact is a multimedia installation inspired by enthalpy, which seeks connections, through movement, with varying elements of the environment. The system generated integrates three elements: light, smoke, and the movement of a robotic arm in the center of a room. The robotic arm bears a reflective object which reflects a series of lasers pointing toward the center of the room. The work, then, recreates a praxis of the heat flow of chemical and physical processes carried out at constant pressure and creates a variation which allows for an expression of the amount of heat put into play during the transformation. The work opens the possibility of playing dramatically with the dimensions of space, as the brightness of the graphics and the shadows of varying tones transform the surfaces, all the while its elements are assembled and disconnected.

Quarso is a multimedia studio dedicated to the generation of immersive experiences for multimedia works, collaborating primarily in the creation of multimedia works for sound artists and live performances. With each project, Quarso is complemented by a team of artists, filmmakers, designers, engineers, programmers, musicians, and technology developers who present ambitious and even transcendent works.


Martin Lêveque
Craig Dorety