Ruta Gastronómica

Del lunes 19 al domingo 25 de noviembre

Gastronomic Route = Meeting points + cuisine + good times

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Azul Condesa
Nuevo León 68, col. Hipódromo Condesa.
T/5286 6380 – – ig: @azulcondesa
H: lunes a sábado de 9 -23 h, domingo 9 a 18 h
Azul Histórico
Isabel la Católica 30, Centro Histórico.
T/5510 1316 – – ig: @azulcondesa
H: lunes a sábado de 9 -23 h, domingo 9 a 18 h
A traditional Mexican restaurant by renowned Chef, Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, most outstanding are the Tikin-Xic fish and roast duck fritters bathed in a black mole.

Monterrey 116, col. Roma Norte.
T/5584 0870 – – ig: @abarrotesdelirio
H: Lunes a miércoles de 9 a 22 h, jueves a domingo de 9 a 00 h y domingo de 9 a 21 h.
A frequent meeting point thanks to their ‘all day long’ service, you may stop by for coffee and a pastry, or stay to enjoy a menu of classic dishes, chilaquiles or hummus, always with a unique, gourmet touch.

Dirección: Av Nuevo León 135, Hipódromo, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX
T/9130 8423 – ig: @salaciacondesa.
H: Martes a domingo de 13:30 a 22:30 h.
An Italian restaurant with a touch of the sea, Salacia is an intimate and private space. All ingredients come from the family garden in the state of Morelos and dishes are prepared with homemade recipes.

Colima 124, col. Roma Norte.
T/ 7091 5660 – – ig. @campobaja
H: martes a sábado de 13 a 1 h, domingo de 13 a 19:00 h.
Campobaja is the first eatery in Mexico City to offer the concept of “Comida de Campo Pesquero,” that is, of coastal fishing village lunch and dinner. It’s brought to life for a public that finds freshness, simplicity, and food-origin the decisive factors in seeking – and believing in – any culinary experience.

Can Can
Durango 175, col. Roma Norte.
T/7824 9431- Ig: @cancancdmx
H: martes a sábado de 13 a 2 h.
A restaurant serving contemporary European cuisine, everything is prepared from local ingredients, and extends to a wide range of cocktails, beers, and wines in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Broka Bistrot
Zacatecas 126, col. Roma Norte.
T/ 4437 4285 – – ig: @brokabistrot
H: lunes a miércoles de 14 a 00 h, jueves a sábado de 14 a 1 h, domingo de 13:30 a 18 h.
A unique garden-to-table culinary experience, everything is accompanied by a cocktail or an excellent Mexican wine. Broka offers three-course lunch menus, à la carte dinners, and many seasonal specialties.

La Ostra
Av. Nuevo León 109, col. Hipódromo.
T/5286 3319 – – ig: @grupolaostra
H: Lunes a jueves de 13 a 23 h, viernes y sábado de 13 a 23:45 h, domingo de 13 a 19 h.
A seafood restaurant with an exquisite variety of fish and seafood. The menu, very much in the style of Baja California, emphasizes freshness served in a relaxed and simple atmosphere.

General Prim 95, col. Juárez
T/5592 5571 –
H: Lunes a sábado de 13:30 a 23:30 h.
Headed by Jair Téllez (of Merotoro and Laja), and taking Spanish and Mexican inspiration, the Amaya menu is continually updated with seasonal fare. Natural wines are the main players on this menu.

Av, Yucatán 84, primer piso, col. Roma Norte.
T/52647551 – tw: @ParamoRoma
H: lunes a domingo de 19 a 2 h,
Cozy, with a simple menu, the tacos and ceviches stand out. It’s the ideal place for good mezcal in a relaxed and home-like atmosphere.

El Parnita
Av. Yucatán 84, col. Roma Norte.
T/52647551 – – tw: @ElParnita
H: martes a jueves de 13 a 18 h, viernes y sábado de 13 a 19 h, domingo de 13 a 18 h.
El Parnita is a meeting point with a surprising menu of traditional Mexican fare from many regions of the Republic. A simple dining room and informal atmosphere let the tortas, tlacoyos, ceviches, and multiple sauces stand out.

Puebla 120, col. Roma Norte.
T/55251326 – fb: nirvanamx
H: lunes a domingo de 13 a 18 h.
A terrific variety of homemade vegetarian dishes are served in very traditional Mexican style. A buffet and menu are available throughout the week.

El Dorado
Patriotismo 90, col. Escandón.
T/72614260 – ig: @eldoradodf
H: martes a domingo de 17:30 a 20 h
A workshop for the reinterpretation of chilaquiles, El Dorado offers new and very tasty combinations served for lunch and dinner. Try the tree chilli sauce with honey and orange juice with basil.

Heladería Cometa
Colima 162, col. Roma Norte.
ig + fb: @heladoscometa
H: domingo a miércoles de 12 a 19 h, jueves a sábado de 12 a 20 h.
A French style ice-cream shop with all Mexican ingredients, Cometa uses no artificial colors or flavors and emphasize the importance of working with small local suppliers.

Durango 359, col. Roma Norte.
T/30994961 – ig: chinaloa_mx
H: lunes a miércoles de 13 a 23 h, jueves a sábado de 13 a 00 h, domingo de 13 a 18 h.
Chicano dishes (from Mexicali), Chinaloa offers the unique and illustrious touch of their chef to make every dish savory. It’s a unique mix of Chinese food and seafood from the north of Mexico.

La Lavandería
Álvaro Obregón 298, col. Roma Norte.
T/5211 7142 – – fb: LaLavanderiaMezcaleria
H: martes de 17:30 a 1 h, jueves a sábado de 17:30 a 2 h,
Offering a range of exquisite handmade mezcales, La Lavandería also offers a unique seasonal menu designed to be paired with the mezcal.

Fonda Mayora
Campeche 322, col. Hipódromo.
T/6843 0595 – ig: @fondamayora
H: lunes a domingo de 8 a 19 h.
Good food and no pretense, Fonda is always preparing carefully selected seasonal ingredients to reach the perfect balance with every meal.

Córdoba 132, Roma Norte. – ig: @casacardinal
H: lunes a viernes de 8 a 21 h, sábado de 9 a 21 h, domingo de 10 a 21 h.
A specialty coffee shop, Cardinal takes care that all the details are covered before a coffee is served. The experience emphasizes the quality and variety of Mexican coffees.

Pizza Félix
Álvaro Obregón 64, col. Roma Norte.
ig: @_Felixbar
H: lunes a sábado de 13 a 23 h y domingo de 13 a 18 h.
A space to feel somewhat outside the city, try the delicious varieties of Neapolitan pizzas, pastas, fish, salads, and meatballs. It’s a hearty mix of Italian culture with American influences and based in Mexican roots.

Alma Negra Café
Tonalá 53, col. Roma Norte.
H: lunes a domingo de 8 a 21 h.
T/41625899 – ig: @almanegracafe
A speciality coffee bar, they’re most famous for their cold brew and the “coffee cult,” a tasting of a variety of drinks that includes house favorite, the Gibraltar; a lively espresso cut with milk.