Innovation has always been the focus of MUTEK Mexico: since 2003, each edition of the festival has outlined new ways of bringing us closer to cutting-edge ideologies through the infinite possibilities of digital sound and arts. Being one of the iconic locations of the Global MUTEK network, and as we approach our 16th Edition, MUTEK MX is refreshing and reaffirming our commitment to creating unique experiences, transforming the relationship between our audience and technology, our metropolis and digital creativity; permanently inspiring the artistic community gathered around the festival every year, thus renovating the incomparable creative energy of Mexico City.

From the 18th  to the 24th  of November, the 16th Edition of MUTEK will showcase a series of experiences performed by the artists currently spearheading digital innovation: debuting special pieces and performances, installations, immersive art and the boldest musical acts and audiovisual experimentation spread throughout some of the most emblematic venues and cultural spaces of Mexico City. This will be a week full of stellar moments and revelations, across our meticulous artistic selection, both domestic and international.

The Global MUTEK Network is a platform created for the dissemination of development of digital creativity, music, audiovisual arts and technology. We have been organizing festivals, symposiums and academic programs in Montreal, Canada, and a broad worldwide circuit, which currently includes Mexico City, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, San Francisco and Dubai.

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