404 ZERO-min

404.zero RU

404.zero RU pres. Jetlag NOCTURNE 1 - NOVEMBER 22, 2019 TICKETS WHO Media artist Kristina Karpysheva and audiovisual designer Aleksandr Letsius (St. Petersburg, Russia) STYLE Live A/V, audiovisual architecture, generative art, installation, hardware, live coding LATEST Jetlag, A/V installation The Brooklyn Mirage. TICKETS   This accomplished and ever-ambitious duo of A/V architects and toolmakers cook up mind-altering experiences in generative …

Aïsha Devi CH

Aïsha Devi CH NOCTURNE 1 - NOVEMBER 22, 2019 TICKETS WHO Swiss-born Nepalese-Tibetan musician, singer songwriter and producer Aïsha Devi, formerly known as Kate Wax. STYLE Transcendent bass music LATEST DNA Feelings (Houndstooth, 2018) LABELS Houndstooth, Danse Noire TICKETS Nobody on this planet sounds like Aïsha Devi. After her rebirth in the musical plane with Of Matter and Spirit (2015), …

Apparat Live DE

Apparat Live DE A/VISIONS 2 - NOVEMBER 24, 2019 TICKETS WHO Composer and producer Sascha Ring aka Apparat (Germany), with five musicians on stage STYLE Techno, IDM, electro LATEST Singles “Dawan”, “Caronte”, “Heroist” y “Outlier” LABELS Shitkatapult, Mute, Bpitch Control TICKETS From elegiac techno to deep orchestral pop ballads, Apparat's work always has a common denominator: an elegance embracing and …

Batu UK

Batu UK NOCTURNE 1 - NOVEMBER 22, 2019 TICKETS WHO DJ, producer and Timedance label founder Omar McCutcheon (Bristol, England). STYLE Global bass, Dubstep, Leftfield techno LATEST False Reeds EP (Timedance, 2019) LABELS Timedance, Cold Records, Dnuos Ytivil. TICKETS Batu’s relocation to Bristol has been fundamental in the building of his signature style as both DJ and producer; the city’s …

Bendik Giske NO

Bendik Giske NO NOCTURNE 1 - NOVEMBER 22, 2019 TICKETS WHO Saxophonist and queer artist Bendik Giske (Norway via Berlin) STYLE Live club atmospheres, drone-jazz LATEST Surrender (Smalltown Supersound, 2019) LABELS Smalltown Supersound TICKETS   An extension of his body, Bendik Giske’s saxophone meshes with his intense physicality—in all its vulnerability, joy and artistic expression. Tapping into his own queer …

Caterina Barbieri IT

Caterina Barbieri IT Live A/V NOCTURNE 1 - NOVEMBER 22, 2019 TICKETS WHO Composer and producer Caterina Barbieri (Italy) STYLE Synth-fi, avant ambient, experimental minimalism LATEST Ecstatic Computation (Editions Mego, 2019) LABELS Houndstooth, Danse Noire TICKETS Since the release of Vertical (Cassauna, 2014) Caterina Barbieri has cultivated a cult audience. In 2019 we find her at full blast, headlining cutting-edge …
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Circle Of Live SE+DE+CA

Circle Of Live feat. Dorisburg, Frank Wiedemann (Âme Live), Mathew Jonson & Sebastian Mullaert SE+DE+CA NOCTURNE 2 - NOVEMBER 23, 2019 TICKETS WHO Producers Dorisburg (SE), Frank Wiedemann (Âme Live) (DE), Mathew Jonson (CA) and Sebastian Mullaert (SE) in a six hour long live jam. STYLE Club, house, techno, impro, live jams LATEST Live at Freerotation 2018 (Circle Of Live …

CNDSD & Iván Abreu MX+CU

CNDSD & Iván Abreu MX+CU PROGRAM TICKETS WHO Multimedia artists Malitzin Cortes aka CNDSD (CDMX, Mexico) and Iván Abreu (CU) STYLE Real time generated audiovisuals, coding, immersive experiences RECENT HYPER_D by CNDSD, a VR piece. TICKETS CNDSD & Iván Abreu have carved an avant-garde audiovisual niche into the brief recent history of live coding, using programming languages to make style-spanning …

Concepción Huerta MX

Concepción Huerta MX pres. A-way from fiction PROGRAM TICKETS WHO Sound artist Concepción Huerta (Guadalajara/CDMX, Mexico) STYLE Noise, tape experimentation, dark ambient LATEST Personal Territories (Static Discos, 2019) LABELS Static Discos TICKETS Keen documentarian of the experimental scene in Mexico for more than five years, Concepción Huerta has extended her creative practice of visual media towards sound design. With a …

Daito Manabe & Kamitani Lab JP

Daito Manabe & Kamitani Lab JP NOCTURNE 2 - NOVEMBER 23, 2019 TICKETS WHO Digital innovator and experimental artist Daito Manabe (Japan) STYLE Multidisciplinary and multimedia live performances using personalized technology LATEST Phenomena A/V with Satoshi Horii and Discrete Figures installation with his Rhizomatiks Research firm TICKETS Pioneer, veteran, and visionary: the great Daito Manabe has been at the forefront …