Tomás Urquieta CL

Tomás Urquieta CL NOCTURNE 2 November 23, 2019 Room C 03h30 TICKETS WHO Producer and DJ Tomás Urquieta (Chile) STYLE Experimental techno LATEST Dueños de nada (Infinite Machine, 2018) LABELS Infinite Machine TICKETS In dark techno and industrial bass Chilean Tomás Urquieta has found the perfect elements to exorcise his fascination with punk and extreme music. His live sets are …

Un rêve MX

Un rêve MX NOCTURNE 1 November 22, 2019 Room C 22h40 TICKETS WHO Musician and producer Diego Cornejo aka Un rêve (CDMX, Mexico) STYLE Dream electronics, electroacoustic, experimental pop RECENT Como árboles al cielo… encuentro ( 2019) LABELS Gravy Records, VAA, OTONO TICKETS Diego Cornejo aka Un rêve has been exploring delicacy and emotional transparency for more than ten years …

Vessel & Pedro Maia UK+PT

Vessel & Pedro Maia  UK+PT Live A/V NOCTURNE 1 November 22, 2019 Room B 04h25 TICKETS WHO Composer and producer Sebastian Gainsborough aka Vessel (Bristol, UK) live with longtime visual collaborator Pedro Maia (Berlin via Portugal). STYLE Live A/V, Techno, Harsh ambient, Industrial. LATEST Queen of Golden Dogs (Tri Angle Records, 2018) LABELS Tri Angle TICKETS Inspired by chamber music …

Vincent Houzé + Dave & Gabe FR+US

Vincent Houzé + Dave & Gabe FR+US pres. Créatures A/VISIONS 1 - NOVEMBER 20-22, 2019 TICKETS WHO Visual and multimedia artist Vincent Houzé (France) with Dave Rife y Gabe Liberti from interactive design studio Dave & Gave (United States) STYLE Installation and big format immersive experiences LATEST Créatures performance for Dome screen and A/V installation TICKETS The Frenchman Vincent Houzé …

Virgilio MX

Virgilio MX pres. Inframundis NOCTURNE 2 November 23, 2019 Room C 02h20 TICKETS WHO Producer Luis Carreño aka Virgilio (CDMX, Mexico) STYLE Ambient techno LATEST Al Averno, singles compilation. LABELS Self released TICKETS This has been an intense year for Luis Carreño as Virgilio: his sets of introspective techno and philosophical acid have excelled in the long nights of clubbing …


VOID MX NOCTURNE 2 November 23, 2019 Room B 20h30 TICKETS WHO Producer Sebastian Lechuga and visual artist Andres Arochi (CDMX, Mexico). STYLE Audiovisual performance, ambient, drone TICKETS To flee the city going into the city itself and to make chaos a meditation. Through an audiovisual narrative that combines sound landscape and footage in constant digital mutation, sound designer Sebastián …

Wasted Fates MX

Wasted Fates MX NOCTURNE 2 November 23, 2019 Room B 23h35 TICKETS WHO Producer Octavio Kh aka Wasted Fates (CDMX, Mexico) STYLE Deconstructed club, grime RECENT Turbio (NAAFI, 2019) LABELS NAAFI TICKETS Producer Octavio Kh aka Wasted Fates has been exploring weirdest ends of the dance floor for nearly fifteen years. His most notorious work has been edited under the …