Rodrigo Martínez & Guillermo Olivera MX

Rodrigo Martínez & Guillermo Olivera MX pres. Variaciones NOCTURNE 2 November 23, 2019 Room B 19h00 TICKETS WHO Producer Rodrigo Martínez and visual/video artist Guillermo Olivera. STYLE Live A/V, glitch art LABELS VAA, DUAT TICKETS Cinematography is the common language between musician and producer Rodrigo Martínez and visual and video artist Guillermo Olivera. Both have backgrounds in the realization of …


SANSSOLEIL MX NOCTURNE 2 November 23, 2019 Room A 20h20 TICKETS WHO Producer Christian Ortega (Mexico) STYLE Organic house, electro roots RECENT “Pixuri” single LABELS Neltive, Akumandra TICKETS Not long ago, the music of young producer Christian Ortega aka SANSSOLEIL emerged on the independent circuit of the Bajío area in Mexico; in little more than a year his electronic sounds …

Sougwen Chung CN/CA

Sougwen Chung CN/CA pres. Exquisite Corpus NOCTURNE 1 November 22, 2019 22h10 & 00h05 TICKETS WHO Experimental and multimedia artist Sougwen Chung (China via Canada) STYLE Installation and performance exploring human-machine collaboration LATEST Omnia Per Omnia (2018), performance combining drawing techniques, AI and swarm of robots TICKETS Extraordinary illustrator and creative technologist, Sougwen Chung is one of the artists tracing …

Vincent Houzé + Dave & Gabe FR+US

Vincent Houzé + Dave & Gabe FR+US pres. Créatures A/VISIONS 1 - NOVEMBER 20-22, 2019 TICKETS WHO Visual and multimedia artist Vincent Houzé (France) with Dave Rife y Gabe Liberti from interactive design studio Dave & Gave (United States) STYLE Installation and big format immersive experiences LATEST Créatures performance for Dome screen and A/V installation TICKETS The Frenchman Vincent Houzé …

Virgilio MX

Virgilio MX pres. Inframundis NOCTURNE 2 November 23, 2019 Room C 02h20 TICKETS WHO Producer Luis Carreño aka Virgilio (CDMX, Mexico) STYLE Ambient techno LATEST Al Averno, singles compilation. LABELS Self released TICKETS This has been an intense year for Luis Carreño as Virgilio: his sets of introspective techno and philosophical acid have excelled in the long nights of clubbing …