Daito Manabe & Kamitani Lab JP

pres. dissonant imaginary

November 23, 2019

Room B



Digital innovator and experimental artist Daito Manabe and computational neuroscientist Yukiyasu Kamitani (Japan)


Multidisciplinary and multimedia live performances using personalized technology


Phenomena A/V with Satoshi Horii and Discrete Figures installation with his Rhizomatiks Research firm


Pioneer, veteran, and visionary: the great Daito Manabe has been at the forefront of some of the most epic moments in the history of MUTEK (in Mexico and the rest of the global network). His multidisciplinary approach and his vision as both an artist and scientist, has given us performances with absolute harmony between human sensibility, digital arts and machines, which, for a brief moment, transcend what is real and take us to a world of their own, created by Daito and his companions. We still remember his show Pulse, which he performed at Teatro de la Ciudad in our Edition 10. Naturally, having the Latin America debut of Dissonant Imaginary this November feels like an honor.

dissonant imaginary is the result of years of investigation and experimentation between brain decoding, sound, and images; the contributions of computational neuroscientist Yukiyasu Kamitani were crucial in the art and science partnership that made this live audiovisual work possible.  Yukiyasu Kamitani is one of the global pioneers in brain decoding, a field that combines machine learning and brain mapping to translate brain signals in neural content. His vast and lauded career as a scientist and academic includes time at universities such as Harvard, Princeton, and the University of Kyoto, and recognitions such as the Osaka Science Prize in 2015.

The dialogue between the artistic interpretation of Manabe and the scientific contributions of Kamitani Lab looks to answer a variety of questions… is it possible to make music through thought? Visuals, as well? dissonant imaginary has already premiered in Europe, and, as is apt to happen with the projects of Daito Manabe, is a dazzling combination between technology, aesthetics, and ideas that, on this occasion, open new possibilities for art and digital sound in direct relation to neuroscience and artificial intelligence.


Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos
Joanie Lemercier & Joshua Sabin
Sougwen Chung