Fennesz AT

November 22, 2019

Room B



Sound artist and guitarist Christian Fennesz (Vienna, Austria)


Ambient, soundscape, noise


<pAgora (Touch, 2019)


<pTouch Music, Editions Mego



Few contemporary laptop artists have attained the stature and universal respect that have greeted Austrian experimental guitarist Christian Fennesz. Beginning his music career in the Viennese underground as a member of the avant-rock group Maische, Fennesz soon broke away to solo undertakings in the then-nascent laptop experimentation scene, producing abrasive and often clinical sessions that began with the guitar only to be manipulated beyond recognition. He found early notoriety on the Austrian Mego imprint with releases such as Hotel Paral.lel and Fennesz Plays (in which he reinterpreted the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys), before finding larger audiences as a member of the well-received Fenn O’Berg, a trio consisting of Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke, and Mego label boss Peter Rehberg. After a steady ascent through the late-90s, Christian Fennesz hit the stratosphere with the release of 2001’s Endless Summer, an album that was universally accepted as an instant classic of modern electronic music. Since then, Fennesz has stayed at the forefront of digital production solo and with collaborative works with artists such as OZmotic and King Midas Sound. His comeback to Mexico City as part of MUTEK MX Edition 16 is marked by the release of Agora, a collection of four tracks produced in his bedroom and his first solo album since 2014, bringing back his most intimist, crystalline and essential sound. In this performance, Fennesz is accompanied by experimental video artist Ali M. Demirel, in a totally new collaboration that also represents new challenges for Ali, a regular contributor to minimal techno lives.

Ali M. Demirel stormed the video art circuit as director of the most iconic clips and video-scenographies of Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman. His background in nuclear engineering and architecture are a strong influence on his style, which has evolved in platforms, video installations and live performances in large format.



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