Joanie Lemercier & Joshua Sabin FR/BE+UK

pres Nebulae

A/VISIONS 1 – NOVEMBER 20-22, 2019



Light and visual artists Joanie Lemercier (France/Belgique)


 Installations, architectural projects and scenography based on light and visuals


Constellations, audiovisual installation with electronic soundscapes by Paul Jebanasam


With a background that combines programming, graphic design and lighting, the Frenchman Joanie Lemercier has built a unique trajectory as a light artist, with pieces and settings capable of altering our perception of reality, using light as his main tool. In almost fifteen years of experimenting with light, Joanie has become crucial in the creation of settings for MUTEK MX and MUTEK Montreal and as a stage designer for artists such as Flying Lotus and Portishead. He is also a co-founder of the AntiVJ firm, creating both pieces at an architectural scale and installations at festivals and galleries as well as audiovisual performances in collaboration with artists like Murcof and Emptyset, among many others.

This year, Joanie returns to MUTEK MX as part of the artistic lineup, for the Latin America debut of Nebulae, an immersive experience made in collaboration with English musician Joshua Sabin. Nebulae offers the user a complete take off from this planet to get lost in the beauty of the Cosmos, and be surrounded by constellations and moving nebulae.

Joshua Sabin creates electroacoustic music from a conceptual approach. Each of his albums presents a round narrative that integrates sonic landscapes and samples of documental recordings with synths of futuristic inspiration. Works such as Sutarti (Subtext, 2019) inspired by the vocal legacy of the canonical music of Lithuania or Terminus Drift (Subtext, 2017) dedicated to the influence of electromagnetic fields in our daily lives, confirm that Joshua Sabin is the ideal musician to sound Nebulae.

Nebulae – Credits:

Concept and visuals : Joanie Lemercier

Production: Juliette Bibasse (

Software development: Sebastiano Barbieri, Nikolay Matveiev, Kyle McLean / Everyoneishappy

Music: Joshua Sabin (used by permission from Multiverse Media Publishing and Subtext Recordings)


Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos
Refik Anadol
Sougwen Chung