Kelly Moran US

Grand Piano A/V

November 24, 2019




Composer, pianist and producer Kelly Moran (New York, United States)


Prepared piano, post-minimalism, avant-synth


Origin EP (Warp Records, 2019)


Warp Records, Telegraph Harp Records


With 5 studio records and an EP, plus a live recording, Kelly Moran has made us feel that her approach to the prepared piano is inexhaustible. Ultraviolet (2018) and Origins EP (2019), her most recent releases, compose an exquisite collection of compositions that extract multicolored magic from classic composition structures, through a careful sound design and her imaginative way of intervening the piano and other electroacoustic instruments. Behind her distinctive sound are years of experimenting and multidisciplinary studies: Kelly is a piano interpreter, composer and audio engineer from the University of Michigan, and she holds a master’s degree in Composition, Improvisation and Integrated Technology from the University of California. Before becoming a quintessential artist at cutting-edge music festivals all around the world, Kelly made music for contemporary dance, has been part of several underground projects in NY (she plays the bass at Cellular Chaos, the band of Weasel Walter, for example) and she has collaborated with avant-garde artists as diverse as Manhattan Choral Ensemble, Margaret Leng-Tan and Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never, which linked her with Warp Records.

With the debut in Mexico of Kelly Moran we will dive into iridescent synesthesia, as this will be the debut in Latin America of her audiovisual performance Grand Piano A/V. Faithful to her experimental ethos, with this live A/V Kelly will broaden her disciplinary spectrum, integrating moving images that will accompany her (alongside her visual collaborators Gabe Liberti, Cassie McQuater, Ren Pan and Juli Odomo) while she performs her compositions with a grand piano.



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