King Midas Sound UK

November 22, 2019

Room C



Producer Kevin Martin aka The Bug and poet Roger Robinson.


Post-dub, Experimental ambient, Spoken word.


Solitude (Cosmo Rhythmatic, 2019)


Cosmo Rhythmatic, Ninjatune



Four years after their last release, Kevin Martin aka The Bug and the poet Roger Robinson reunite to induce their audience to the darkest, densest, and most experimental moment of King Midas Sound: Solitude (Cosmo Rhythmatic, 2019). Far from the seductive cadence of their early years and the luminous pulsations sparked by their collaboration with Fennesz, this time the duo takes us through a hypnotic descent to the obscure (and abstract) side of the heart.

Determined to explore the most creative ends of the loneliness spectrum, Kevin and Roger turned the night and insomnia into the raw material to mold the twelve tracks contained in Solitude: with an altered psyche due to sleep deprivation, Robinson repeated his verses in a machine-like manner – influenced by Beckett, Bukowsky and Ballard –, until eventually he got lost in the enveloping corrosion of The Bug’s sound design. Spoken word, dark ambient and abstract dub capturing instant pictures from a story lost in time, and which, for one hour amplify that absolute distress, which is universal, and sometimes silent. Solitude also marks the return of King Midas Sound to the stage, with the challenge of transporting their sonic delicacy and lyrical intimacy from their record to a live experience. Their presentation at MUTEK MX 16th Edition is one of their few confirmed performances for the rest of 2019. Are we ready to experiment loneliness as a collective ceremony? Kevin Martin and Robert Robinson say yes.


Deena Abdelwahed
Tim Hecker & The Konoyo Ensemble