Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos MX+CA

pres. Radiance

November 22, 2019

Room A



Producer and sound artist Fernando Corona aka Murcof (Mexico) and visual artist Jimmy Lakatos (Montreal, Canadá)


Ambient, experimental, soundscape, immersive live A/V installation


Radiance, new immersive live A/V installation inspired by the duo’s previous project, Nebula


Static Discos, InFiné, The Leaf Label




Fernando Corona aka Murcof creates evocative, layered sounds of mournful melodies and intricate micro rhythms that have a knack for attracting visual collaboration. His work is exalted for an organic sound that incorporates heavy influences from modern classical, ambient and minimal techno, built upon an intricate manipulation of acoustic sources. Starting out in his native Tijuana, Mexico he was an original member of Baja California’s Nortec Collective under the name Terrestre. He has since released several solo and collaborative albums under different labels such as Leaf, Infine, Blue Note, Aagoo, etc. He has also collaborated on several ambitious A/V performances including with AntiVJ. He has soundtracked several films including Patrick Bernatchez’s Lost in Time (2014) and the Italian TV series Il Miracolo (2018), produced by Arte and Sky.

Jimmy Lakatos started out in Montréal working with video in public spaces and early raves, and has developed a reputation for impressive analog light shows and minimalist video projections. He has worked professionally for Cirque du Soleil and has been a long-time viideo-scenographer for MUTEK. Both artists are known for their passion to create work that intimately links and locks the audio and the visual — not just as a third element, but as its own discrete entity and experience.

Radiance is based on their previous work, Nebula, an immersive A/V installation consisting of a laser and reflective materials, creating a rich and fragile imagery using the refraction of light, created by Jimmy Lakatos. Radiance expands on this idea by adding more lasers and other ways of controlling them, via specialised software and directly with sound, thus expanding the palette of possibilities for a richer experience. The viewer is therefore invited to live a cinematic experience through celestial, abstract and geometric imagery. Expect a sublime, extra-dimensional encounter that unfolds in a theatrical space as a novel and affecting cinema of sensations.


Deena Abdelwahed
King Midas Sound