Ouri CA

November 23, 2019

Room B



Producer, multi instrumentalist and DJ Ourielle Auvé (France via Montreal)


neo R&B, ambient techno, experimental bass


We share our blood remixes (Ghostly International, 2019)


Ghostly International, Make It Rain Records


Ourielle Auvé has been classically trained in piano, harp and cello, but electronic music has been the prism that made all the colors of Ouri sprout. There, in the infinite possibilities of digital sonority, Ouri takes R&B and house abstractions and transforms them with instrumental iridescences and inciting percussions. Maze (Make It Rain Records, 2017) and Superficial (Make It Rain Records, 2017) are albums full of pop smoothness with sharp edges carved by a risky and precise production, while We share our blood, her debut for Ghostly International, brings her most harsh and experimental side. Also, in these couple of years, Ouri’s tracks have been expanded to left-field club with remixes made by producers such as DEBBY FIRDAY, mobilegirl and Minimal Violence, meanwhile collaborations with Odile Myrtil, MUNYA and Mind Bath polish the pop diamond that hides inside Ouri’s music. This Edition 16, Ouri will be joined by Felix Gourds on visuals, taking her performance to a full live A/V experience. 

Félix Gourd is a video and sound artist. The screen content he creates is experimental, sometimes humorous but always odd: a virtual parade of strange and distorted human beings; abstract geometry that comes alive to suggest a pornography; a journey through lost worlds between the fantastic and the digital. Coming from a musical background, he remains very close to the sound artists with whom he collaborates on different audio/visual projects.


Deena Abdelwahed
James Place