Nocturne 2


Saturday, November 23
18+ Must bring valid ID

Calle Henry Ford 81, Industrial San Nicolas, Tlalnepantla de Baz, Méx., México

Artists and Schedule:
19h00 Doors

Room A:
19h30 Jerry ZZZ (MX)
21h15 KOI (MX)
23h00 Circle Of Live: Dorisburg, Frank Wiedemann (Ame live), Mathew Jonson & Sebastian Mullaert six hour set (DE+SE+CA)

Room B:
presented by Resident Advisor
19h00 Rodrigo Martínez & Guillermo Olivera (MX) pres. Variaciones
19h40 CNDSD & Iván Abreu (MX+CU)
20h30 VOID (MX)
21h50 Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP) pres. subassemblies
22h40 Daito Manabe & Kamitani Lab (JP) pres. dissonant imaginary
23h35 Wasted Fates (MX)
00h45 Ouri (CA)
01h55 Deadbeat (CA)
03h25 DJ Lag (ZA)

Room C:
21h45 Impvlso (MX)
22h40 Markalach (MX)
23h35 Le Fantom Onde (MX)
00h30 Sol Oosel (MX)
01h20 Maria W Horn (SE)
02h20 Virgilio (MX) pres. Inframundis
03h30 Tomás Urquieta (CL)

Installations: (RU) pres. 1.0 presented by Cerveza Corona
Brian Eno (UK) pres. Condensor
INTUS pres. Réflex
23h25, 00h20, 01h10 & 02h10 Max Cooper & Architecture Social Club (UK) pres. Aether presented by adidas Originals
Refik Anadol (TR) pres. Melting Memories

Room C
04h00 Max Cooper & Architecture Social Club (UK) pres. Aether presented by adidas Originals (live visuals)

$710 MXN plus all applicable fees
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Phase 2 Nocturne Pass:
$1160 MN plus all applicable fees
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Safe transportation by Live Tours:
$200 MXN plus any applicable fees
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You may also purchase a transportation Pass for the two nights of Nocturne for $350 MXN plus all applicable fees. Purchase here


At Nocturne, MUTEK will present a diverse panorama with cutting-edge performances around digital arts and sound: from installations, virtual reality and immersive experiences produced by local and international artists, to cathartic sessions mixed by the boldest DJs in the club circuit.

Just 20km (12 miles) away from the center of Mexico City, deep in a landscape that mixes industrial views with a residential suburb, we have FÁBRICA, a space that was, for decades, a space for the production of steel, which now, completely renovated, has become the perfect space for Nocturne, the most diverse program of MUTEK MX.

The industrial environment of FÁBRICA is amplified and transformed by the stages, areas and installations of each Nocturne program, making each moment of the night a multidimensional experience. FÁBRICA debuted as a location for MUTEK MX in our Edition 14 (2017), opening new possibilities in artistic programming for the Nocturne events, integrating installations that have been specifically designed and developed for this space.


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