pres Enigma

A/VISIONS 1 – NOVEMBER 20-22, 2019



Multimedia artists Alain Thibault and Yan Breuleux (Canada)


Installation, immersive, audiovisual, coding


Enigma for dome screen


PURFORM is the duo of Alain Thibault and Yan Breuleux. Alain Thibault is an icon of digital arts born in Canada. Active since the end of the nineties, Alain has taken advantage of the flexibility of digital formats in order to create music, visuals, performances and multimedia installations, always with an aesthetic strongly inspired by geometry, mathematics and architecture. His constant creative output accompanied by his curatorial work, Alain is currently the artistic director of Elektra Montreal, a platform focused in promoting the creation and research of digital arts. For Enigma, Alain collaborated with the artist, designer and professor Yan Breuleux, specialist in experimental animation, in order to create immersive experiences and installations.

The A/V performance version of Enigma was presented as the closing act for the Biennale Nemo in late 2018, and then readapted to the imposing dome format. This immersive experience is part of the information coding and decoding moments that was the legacy of Alan Turing, who sought to decode the Universe we live in. But Enigma goes beyond an audiovisual interpretation of cryptography, by adding the dialogue between humans and machines based on research in relation to neural networks and Artificial Intelligence, conducted by Google. Thus, Enigma has become an audiovisual and immersive exercise in which machines try to decode human thought, and vice versa.


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