Refik Anadol TR

pres. Melting Memories



Media artist Refik Anadol (Turkey)


Media art, machine intelligence, installation.


Infinite Space, Refik Anadol Studio retrospective at Artechouse Washington.




The innovator and artist Refik Anadol will show us the newest capabilities of the creative potential of Artificial Intelligence. His immersive installations and audiovisual performances use as raw material the infinite data flowing around us, in collaboration with a computerized neural network developed by him, taking us through radical reflections on the physical world, our relationship with the space-time continuum and the future of AI as an artistic element.

With Melting Memories, an installation that has marked both artists and audiences at venues in Turkey and Spain (L.E.V. Festival extended his exhibition for six more days due to its success) Refik Anadol has presented a complex system of creative, scientific and technological processes with the purpose of modelling multidimensional paintings which reinterpret memories recovered from an immense database. Behind this impressive immersive experience there are weeks of work alongside the Neuroscape Lab, a neuroscience laboratory at the University of California focused on technological creation and scientific research in relation to brain function, which has given Anadol the tools needed in order to conduct in-depth philosophical inquiries about human memory and artificial intelligence, which he seeks to answer with his work Melting Memories.

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