Ryoichi Kurokawa JP

pres. subassemblies

November 23, 2019

Room B



Media artist Ryoichi Kurokawa (Berlin via Japan)


Installation A/V, Multimedia live.


subassemblies, live A/V at MUTEK Montreal 20th Edition


Ryoichi Kurokawa has always looked to nature for inspiration, exploring the realizations that emerge when our lived, observed physical realities meet electronically interpreted realities. He began experimenting with synaesthesia in audiovisual installations in the 1990s, overlapping senses of sound, sight and touch in installation and performance. His inquisitive style lead him to integrate scientific research on matter, time and the nature of the universe into his work—recently collaborating directly with astrophysicists on work informed by stellar formations, for ad/ab Atom, an installation of booming drones and static paired with multiple flickering screens – an abstract journey through the microverse, fed by nano-scientific data, images and code.

Kurokawa continues to pursue the relationship between nature and the manufactured world in his Latin American premiere of subassemblies at MUTEK MX. A concert, art installation, sculpture exhibition and screening, subassemblies is ultimately an architectural project based on 3D data of building ruins and the encroaching nature that surrounds them. Kurokawa distorts and reconstructs that data to render rebuilt architecture that floats between nature and human-made, abstract and concrete—an in-motion hybrid reality that, through its layers of order and disorder, renews history’s accepted timeline and exposes the forces of nature and art for their combined possibilities.

About subassemblies:
Concept, direction, composition, programming : Ryoichi Kurokawa
Producer: Nicolas Wierinck
Co-production: LOXOSconcept (Matera 2019), MUTEK, Scopitone/Stereolux, TodaysArt
Produced by Studio RYOICHI KUROKAWA



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