Sebastian MullaertSE

as part of Circle Of Live



Producer and founder of Circle Of Live, Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue (Röstånga, Sweden)


Leftfield techno, avant club music, house


Who? EP (Hypercolour, 2019)


Hypercolour, Mule Musiq, Circle of Live.


Sebastian Mullaert has traced a very particular trajectory within the European circuit by taking his creative philosophy (based on meditation and the meeting point between nature, quietness and creativity) to his studio work, live performance and constant collaboration both under his own name and as part of the cult techno duo Minilogue. His music, released on labels like Hypnus, Mule Musiq and Kontra Musik, takes us to that unique moment in which the body, mind and spirit melt through rhythm and texture: from Zen Techno to Hypnotic Ambient.

The masterful and fluent curatorship of the Circle of Live collective has gathered noted artists from the club, connecting their live performances in intense collaborative sessions: a deep dive into the physicality of House and Techno, performed live, as an ode to nightlife, with long sets filled with unexpected moments of beauty and discovery. For Edition 16, Circle of Live brings us Dorisburg, Frank Wiedemann (Âme live), Mathew Jonson & Sebastian Mullaert together for live jam collaborations, improvisation and solo explorations – all night long.



Mathew Jonson
Frank Wiedemann (Âme Live)