Vincent Houzé + Dave & Gabe FR+US

pres. Créatures

A/VISIONS 1 – NOVEMBER 20-22, 2019



Visual and multimedia artist Vincent Houzé (France) with Dave Rife y Gabe Liberti from interactive design studio Dave & Gave (United States)


Installation and big format immersive experiences


Créatures performance for Dome screen and A/V installation


The Frenchman Vincent Houzé develops his artistic vision in an interesting contrast between media and inspiration, developing audiovisual performances and interactive installations, in which he explores the intimate connection between humanity and nature. At the same time, Dave Rife and Gabe Liberti, aka Dave & Gabe, are experts in the development of immersive experiences combining sound, light and tactility. This group of artists and innovators are currently exploring new creative routes by using real-time animation, 3D-generated sound and physical design. Créatures is the first collaborative project between Houzé and Dave & Gabe, which may be enjoyed both as live A/V as well as on a dome screen.

Créatures will come to MUTEK MX in the format for Domodigital, ready to become one of the most emotive and exciting experiences of our Edition 16. This audiovisual ode to the immense diversity and life forms of Earth is inspired in our ecosystem’s abstract form, growing from micro to macro in algorithmic landscapes. In addition to observing digital organisms created by Vincent Houzé interacting in the dome’s big screen, the sounds designed by Dave & Gabe and the space also converse with the visuals to transform the room into a bubble filled with life of its own.


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