Comprised of Pierre Schneider and François Wunschel, 1024 Architecture is a company which specializes in developing installations, exhibitions, performances, urban interventions or micro-architecture projects that interact with the body, space, sound, art, visual stimuli and technology –from the most essential to the most sophisticated–, always in behalf of the experience. Their pieces are characterized by they way they can drive our amazement through unknown roads filled with elements that display an imaginative composition. For their Mutek Montreal presentation last year, for instance, they performed a theatrical show in which lights and electrical pulses engaged in dialogue with a bunch of cardboard boxes, enacting a minimalistic story of corporate life. This year they will visit our Mexican edition with TESSERACT (aka HYPER-Cube), a sculpture mapped with lights that react to sound. The name of the piece alludes to the geometrical figure by the same name (hypercube): a sort of cube within a cube united by their vertices. The audience is invited to enter the structure and witness the light show and the magical transformations that occur inside it. The piece has prompted amazement everywhere it has been, from festivals like Signal, in Prague, to Glow, in Eindhoven, or New Forms, in Vancouver.