Set the date for a new edition

Set the date for a new Edition

Watch the first preview of Background noise, the mini-documentary that Andy Putnam made during Edition 16.

MUTEK MX Edición 17 from MUTEK México on Vimeo.

The astonishment left by Edition 16, held just a few weeks ago, merges with the anticipation of Edition 17, which is already dated. From November 23 to 29, 2020, MUTEK MX will continue detonating extraordinary moments under the challenge of presenting the most innovative and surprising digital art made in Mexico and around the world.

And yes, perhaps many of us continue to process everything we live in Edition 16, so difficult to limit in a single moment or sensation. What we do know is that the experience that awaits us in 2020 will be at least as intense and surprising, as only MUTEK MX knows how to do: emerging and consolidated artists immersing ourselves in a possible Universe through digital creativity. Of course we are ready.

And before entering fully into what is coming, we share a flashback to November 2019, from the perspective of some of our international guests: Jimmy Lakatos, (who presented Radiance with Murcof), Bendik Giske, Jean Sebastian Baillat (responsible for the setting of Room A of Nocturne 1 and 2) and Architecture Social Club, creators along with Max Cooper of the Aether experience inside Room C. Something that in MUTEK MX has remained essential: that moment in which the ideas and bets of The artists are in tune with the imagination of the attendees.

Stay tuned for our digital channels to know when to buy your Early Bird and secure your place in MUTEK MX Edition 17. We are already in the future.