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Up to date with MUTEK.MX Edition 15

Yves Tumor headlines NANO MUTEK.MX, new app and more!



Ya puedes descargar la aplicación oficial de MUTEK.MX Edición 15

Take your festival agenda along with you right on your cell phone, and learn more about all the artists in the MUTEK.MX Edition 15, with the official festival app. You can even purchase your Nocturne subscription, at Phase 1 prices, directly through the app. Available for download now:


Yves Tumor is the stellar talent of NANO MUTEK.MX 2018 presented by Hennessy. The artist’s return to Mexico is to present the new album Safe in the Hands of Love, released by the legendary Warp Records and a work already considered among the best releases of the past year.  This deep listening evening is complemented by Transgresorcorruptor (MX) and the premier of AMNL PRNT’s (MX) new live A/V. On Friday, October 19, Yves Tumor will transform what’s known as live performance with an unpredictable, intense and visceral energy. An unforgettable night, it’s also a perfect kick-off for celebrating XV Años.

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Digi Lab 2018 Open Calls: VR documentary and Electronic music production workshops

Digi Lab, the MUTEK.MX day program, is an exchange and generative platform for knowledge of digital art and sound. Check here announcements of two of this year’s Digi Lab offerings. Translaciones 2.0, is a workshop offered in collaboration with the Alumnos Foundation and the SAE Institute México. The workshop is led by Leslie García, aka Microhom during October and will culminate with a live performance as part of MUTEK.MX Edition 15. Alternarte Realities, is a virtual reality workshop conducted including performers and representatives from the English festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest.

MUTEK.MX Ticket info: International purchase

For all the International community ready to live the MUTEK Experience  in Mexico City, we have full Passports and Nocturne Pass available for international purchase at Atrápalo. You can add accommodations and transport to your purchase!




This ticket guarantees your access to the festival official paid activities taking place from November 19 to 25. Digi Lab, Special Projects and Gastronomic Route extra activities are not included.

Abono Nocturne

his ticket guarantees your access to the two NOCTURNE programs taking place on Friday November 23th and Saturday November 24th. Also you can anticipate your trip to Mexico City by directly adding travel and accommodations to your purchase.


MUTEK.MX Edition 15 – Press Release 001

A new adventure starts on the build up for MUTEK.MX Edition 15

> Ticket sales begin May 30.

> From the Press Department at MUTEK.MX we welcome media, journalists, Mexico and Latin America connoisseurs en route to Edition 15.

> To start our XV anniversary celebration by building bridges between art and technology, MUTEK.MX and Hennessy will have for sale the Very Special Early Bird, which grants full access to all the activities of this edition

>Download pictures and graphic assets.

Wednesday May 30 is the day for the Very Special Early Bird ticket sale via Atrápalo. This Passport grants you entrance to all the activities of our Edition 15 at a special price thanks to Hennessy. This pre-line up sale offers a 20% discount over the regular Passport price and a 40% discount over individual program tickets. It is a way to spoil our followers who, like us, bet on risk-taking and breakthrough experiences. The Very Special Early Bird Passport will be on sale to national and international audiences with the option of booking travel expenses and accommodation in advance through Atrápalo. The quantity will be very limited, so we encourage to relay the information through your platforms so that your readers and followers interested in MUTEK.MX can take full advantage of this promotion.

In 2018 MUTEK.MX celebrates XV

This edition marks the perfect moment to look back and celebrate the yearly growth of MUTEK.MX: a consolidated space by a national community that embraced it since 2003 and has stayed loyal during these years. The follow up of specialized press, journalists, photographers and lovers of the electronic music scene and the development of digital creativity in Mexico and Latin America has played a crucial role to cement the status of MUTEK.MX in the international network, sparked from MUTEK Montréal, and also to connect us with an audience eager to live innovative experiences in each festival edition and special event. MUTEK.MX invites the press and media to continue this journey and join us in this celebration to continue expanding the way we live in Mexico City through sound and digital art.

Intervews and further inquiries:

Very Special Early Bird and round trips now available

Next November, MUTEK.MX will celebrate its XV anniversary with a program that will make you connect with Mexico City through innovative sound and digital experiences inspired by innovation and a risk-taking vision. Thanks to our partnership with Hennessy, starting today you can plan your trip and get the most of your experience at the festival by purchasing our limited Very Special Early Bird, a blind Passport at a unique price, and booking your flights and accommodations, all through Atrápalo.

This Very Special Early Bird Passport guarantees your access to the festival official paid activities, which include special program slots for VSEB holders. Digi Lab, Special Projects and Gastronomic Route extra activities are not included.

Manrico Montero: In Memoriam

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

La mañana del martes 22 de mayo la comunidad de artistas sonoros, músicos electrónicos y creadores experimentales en México recibió con conmoción la noticia de la partida de Manrico Montero (1973-2018). En MUTEK.MX nos sumamos a los mensajes de admiración y reconocimiento a su trayectoria artística, en la que el afecto, la sensibilidad hacia el otro y hacia la naturaleza, amplificaron su alcance y nos dejan, más que un cuerpo de obra, una actitud ejemplar muy necesaria en el ámbito creativo.


Desde la trinchera de MUTEK.MX, fuimos testigos de cómo las exploraciones artísticas e investigaciones relacionadas con bioacústica, biosemiótica y ecoacústica de Manrico se volvieron influencia fundamental entre muchos de los artistas mexicanos y latinoamericanos que han nutrido la programación del festival, desde Fax -con quien se presentó en la Edición 5 (2008) como Estructuras de la Tarde-, hasta Interspecifics, con quienes colaboró muy de cerca como asesor de Nuevas Tecnologías en el FONCA. De igual forma Mandorla, netlabel que fundó en 2005, permitió la expansión y crecimiento de audiencias interesadas en el ambient, la electroacústica y la improvisación. También, la obra y pensamiento de Manrico Montero ha sido parte de nuestra inspiración para el diseño de experiencias de escucha en la programación de MUTEK.MX.

Con el fin de continuar promoviendo su obra y celebrar su vida, MUTEK.MX comparte la grabación íntegra de su participación en la Edición 12 (2015) en el Nocturne 1 dentro del Foto Museos Cuatro Caminos:

Manrico Montero se presentó en MUTEK.MX en 2006, 2007 y 2015 y como Estructuras de la Tarde en 2008.