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Presented by: Derivative en colaboración con INTUS
Place: Casa MUTEK.MX – Fraternidad de la Universidad de la Comunicación
Dates: Monday & Tuesday, October 9, 10th
Schedule: 9 – 16H

Links: Derivative INTUS Fee: $400 MN

To reserve your spot, please email:

Experience Level:
Beginner with some Intermediate

Workshop Instructors:
Ben Voigt and Greg Hermanovic (Derivative) with Gilberto Castro (INTUS)

Workshop Coordinator:
Isabelle Rousset

Schedule: 9 – 16H (includes 40 min lunch break)
Monday: demos, open discussion and tutoring from 16-19H.
Tuesday: social/meetup 16-18H


Join the Derivative team and special guests this October for our first MUTEK MEXICO TouchDesigner workshop. For anyone interested in mastering the fundamentals and attaining a working knowledge of TouchDesigner quickly this is the time and place. This workshop will have a focus on visualization techniques in TouchDesigner taking its cue from MUTEK’s tradition of attracting innovative artists who make visuals for music.

TouchDesigner is a real-time visual development platform that can be used for creating interactive media systems, immersive/projection mapping environments, music visuals, building custom applications and UIs and for the rapid-prototyping of creative impulses.

While workshop registration is limited to 20 active participants there will be space for a few observers to drop in and follow along with the workshop. Reserve your spot now to avoid disappointment.

Following the workshop on Tuesday we invite the community gathered in Mexico to join us for a ‘happy hour’ from 16-18H to meet and chat.


Equipment that participants need to bring along

Laptop Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and up or Apple macOS 10.11 and up. While we do support Integrated Intel Graphics (HD4000 and up) we do recommend a discreet GPU of the NVIDIA GeForce 600 or AMD HD 7000 Series and up. Make sure all drivers are up to date. You will also need a 3-button (or 2 button with clickable scroll wheel). See System Requirments on the Derivative wiki.

Prepare Your Laptop

Please install the latest build of TouchDesigner 099 here. If you haven’t updated your graphics drivers in a long time, it would be a good idea to check for new ones at or

Open TouchDesigner to make sure everything is working. If this is the first time running TouchDesigner on this laptop it will ask you to create a key. You will need to be a member at to create a key, you can here.

Prepare Yourself: Watch/Study These Tutorials

To get the full value of this workshop we recommend familiarizing yourself with TouchDesigner by watching (ideally working along with) these video tutorials:

On the Derivative wiki: “First Things to Know About TouchDesigner” Part 1 and Part 2
And for the keeners we recommend Matthew Ragan’s Yale Workshop


We build and manage interactive integral art experiences, marketing and communication with state-of-the-art technologies and high-flying results. We develop unique projects with custom design solutions of strategic consultants, creativity and cutting-edge technologies. We have an integral process of creative services, talent and expertise to produce, manage and successfully run the development of projects with interactive software.


S.E.E.D: [Stellar Emissions Encapsulation Device]

Presented by: Abierto Mexicano de Diseño and Centro
Place: Museo Franz Mayer
Dates: October, 11 to 22 (Monday, October 16 closed)
Schedule: 10 – 17H

Links: AMD Centro Free Entrance

S.E.E.D. brings an algorithmic exploration of time, space and the physical senses to Mexico City. Lasers and mirrors create three dimensional geometric light structures reverberated by analog video feedback.  The many reflections of the participants are synthesized, processed, and glitched creating a captivating, yet minimal psychedelic experience.

An eight-foot magnesium, acrylic, and glass cube, the piece is activated and modulated by human interaction. Participants do not control S.E.E.D.; rather they converse with this autonomous “machine entity” using motion sensors, infrared cameras feeding facial recognition, and a hexagonal haptic pressure sensitive interface on the face of the cube.
The experience is grounded in an immersive quadrophonic sound field.  Both sonic effects and musical landscapes are generated by the lasers themselves, which are in turn reacting to the environment.  S.E.E.D. has a personality of its own, with a distinct voice, behaviors, moods, and reactions.  S.E.E.D. also understands the mood of the participant.  Positive emotion is monitored and remembered, using artificiel intelligence to adapt its algorithms to give the user more of what they like.
S.E.E.D. is conceived of as an art form with therapeutic potential: drawing from neuroscience research demonstrating that music, light, art, movement, and creativity can generate new neural pathways and enhance neuroplasticity.
Fleenor is partnering with Dr. Sri Krishnan, Professor and Dean of Biomedical Signal Analysis in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto.  Starting at MUTEK.MX, we will begin collecting biofeedback data.  Dr. Krishnan and his team of graduate students will analyze the generated data with the intention of demonstrating significant physiological changes and improved wellness.  S.E.E.D. has potential as a tool for healing in those who suffer from brain trauma, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, PTSD, autism, and other neurological conditions.

Would you like to be a participant in our Mexico City research?  Fill out the form here.

For more information, visit or follow him on Instagram: @epicdevin


TRANSLATIONS: Sound Experimentation Workshop

Presented by: Fundación Alumnos47 and SAE México
Place: Alumnos47 Móvil, Dr. Mora, Alameda Central
Dates: September 23 and 30, and October 7 and 14
Schedule: 11 – 15H

Links: SAE MX Free Entrance

By trying to create a digital creative process in a public space, this workshop is directed by Gabo Barranco (AAAA) and is the joint endeavor of a foundation dedicated to contemporary art and an institute specialized in digital production techniques. The objective is the following: to create conscience of the possibilities that art and technology can bring together through the creation of a show inspired in the City itself.


Taller teórico/práctico que busca la experimentación usando sonidos capturados con transductores en la Ciudad de México para crear piezas sonoras inspiradas en la misma vida urbana. Se tocarán temas como la preparación para el desarrollo de sets en vivo y algunas técnicas para procesar señales analógicas en el mundo digital.

Perfil del Participante

Theoretical and practical workshop which seeks experimentation by using sounds captured by transducers arounf Mexico City; this in order to create pieces using urban life itself. The subjects will be setup for live shows and some techniques for processing analogue signals in the digital world.

The interested should bring a letter of intent and fill out the ONLINE FORM.

Gabo Barranco (AAAA)

Saturday, October 14. Dr. Mora, Alameda Central


1st Module: Saturday, September 23

Introduction and Presentation:
-Very brief history of electronic music
-From concrete music (1930) to IDM (190)
-Modern trends and styles
-Timeline of electronic music instruments and its context

Brief Introduction to Sound Basics
Harmonies, Tone, Frequencies
Introduction to Synthesis, substractive, granular
Use of effects

Recording and Sampling

2nd Module: Saturday, September 30

Objectives and Creative Processes:

Oblique Strategies (Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt)
Creating from experimenting
Advantages and disadvantages of having numerous studio and live alternatives

Assembly/Practice II
Digital Processes with Paul Stretch

3rd Module: Saturday, October 7

Little demo of how to set up a live act; analogue and digital processes, session setup and how they are made from available instruments.

Assembly/Practice III

4th Module: Saturday, October 14


It’s your turn to play at PAPALOTE! Have fun climbing the Ramón Tree, lay down in the Bed of Nails or blow gigantic bubbles. Have an amazing time in the new Lab of Ideas where you can let your imagination fly and even build a paper rocket; build your own city with LEGO bricks and find out all the new things PAPALOTE offers.

+++ SPECIAL PROMO PAPALOTE GROWN-UPS – 19 to 23H (promotion available by adding $99 + charges in the purchase process of your A/VISIONS 1 ticket)

Buy your tickets here.


International talent dominates the second batch of artist confirmations, with the accent also on ingenious audiovisual performances, experimental composition and Mexican premieres. Legendary member of The Orb, Thomas Fehlmann graces MUTEK.MX audiences with his maximalist sound, while fellow German, the mysterious and culty Vril unleashes his abstract techno buzz. American ambient compositional producer Steve Hauschildt and Canadian synthesizer whiz Sarah Davachi unfurl waves of harmonics. Moody Swedish electro duo Orphan Ann join compatriots Dorisburg with live sets, while Dutch sensation Palmbomen II promises one of his infamous trippy slo-house sets. This new wave joins an already globally-inclined lineup that includes British superstar Squarepusher, Babyfather, Actress, Emptyset and Alva Noto, representing almost a dozen different nationalities as MUTEK.MX underlines its reputation and function as an essential bridge for its audience to the world of cutting-edge electronic artistry.


As usual, the festival presents a mixture of free programs and ticketed ones. Since Wednesday, August 9 there will be a limited quantity of Very Special Passports via different payment methods for the events OPENING, A/VISIONS 1+2, NOCTURNE 1+2 including collectible festival goodies. A very limited opportunity!
The festival programs for Edition 14 are OPENING, A/VISIONS, NOCTURNE, DIGI
LAB y CLOSING. The last two are free of charge.

The individual tickets for every show, Passports, and Nocturne Pass can be purchased here

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The first event of 2017 will have Lotic, Jlin and Wasted Fates as guests

With only days before MUTEK Montréal begins, here in Mexico we decided to celebrate big time with a unique and one-of-a-kind event: the confirmed artists for our series of exclusive NANO events are Jlin, Lotic and Wasted Fates. In our insatiable quest for new experiences for our audience, MUTEK brings together three artist which mix diversity and the unusual. In this second year of NANO events, and in the context the Edition 18 of our Canadian forefathers, this is the very first time these three will share the same space, while each one will offer something unique to give us a memorable night of unstoppable dancing.

LOTIC (US) is a Berlin-based American producer, who will have his first show on MUTEK Montréal and his second in Mexico. Member of the Janus Collective, he promises to captivate with his uncommon techno full of eroticism.

JLIN (US), the American producer Jerrylinn Patton, pleased us in her last year’s presentation in MUTEK.MX at the Foto Museo de Cuatro Caminos. In May she released her second LP called Black Origami and with her electrifying footwork she will surely take us to discover new sound pathways.

WASTED FATES (MX), aka Octavio Kh, is a Monterrey producer and a self-taught multimedia artist. He is member of the N.A.A.F.I. collective and Extasis Records; he has been in Mexico’s most important electronic music festivals with his high intensity club music.

Get your tickets here and set the date for Thursday, August 17 at Foro Normandie (López 15, Col. Centro).

Early Bird: $350 (MXN)
Box Office: $400 (MXN)



Part of the official program marking Montréal’s 375th anniversary, Canada’s preeminent hub of electronic music and digital creativity turns 18, taking the occasion to change its dates and expand its program. MUTEK also mobilizes its international connections to host four days of programming dedicated to the cultural metropoles of London, Mexico City, Barcelona and Berlin. The fundamental DNA of the festival will continue to express values of discovery, revelation and community, emphasizing premieres, exclusive appearances and artistic ingenuity.

Info and artists: MUTEK MONTREAL 2017

Let MUTEK’s move of dates from spring to August 22-27 close your summer on a high note. If you are from Mexico, remember you don’t need visa (*) and you can buy a Passport here for MUTEK Montréal for $2,900 MN (Mexican pesos).

You can upgrade your passport with deals on hotels. Montreal’s partnership with Festicket spares you hours of research with packages suited for every budget. For promo packages please refer to: MUTEK Montreal Festicket

* You do need to obtain an Electronic Travel Autorisation (eTA) before flying to Canada. Applying for an eTA is a simple online process that takes just a few minutes. You need your passport, a credit or debit card and an email address. It cost CAD 7$. To avoid any oblivion, we suggest you to start the process a few weeks before you flight: Apply eTA.


The Legendary UK artist to play his first show ever in Mexico

The virtuosic, bass-wielding, abstract funk and electronic pioneer whose seminal work on Warp records has defined an entire era of eccentric IDM, Squarepusher headlines the 14th edition of MUTEK.MX. A charismatic and committed live performer, his first show ever in Mexico will treat festivalgoers to his unparalleled passion for the stage and spectacle. Appearing as part of the festival’s signature NOCTURNE series, Squarepusher adds another layer of excellence to an already very distinguished lineup, with much more to come!



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During the Edition 13 of MUTEK.MX, our friends from Templo made a video documentation about the involvement of artists, musicians, attendants and producers to disentangle the mysteries while predicting their next moves.

“In Temple, we pay homage to those whose actions create new ways of seeing the world. In 2016, we go deep into the MUTEK Mexico universe to understand how, on a daily basis, innovation and technology modify our vision”.



Available exclusively through BBVA WALLET at a preferential price
Individual tickets on sale on August 9

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