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Playlist: the sounds of MUTEK MX 2009-2013

Playlist: the sounds of MUTEK MX 2009-2013

From the rise of Footwork and Mexican Techno to our first encounters with all-time favorites like Nathan Fake, Actress and Laurel Halo: we reexamine 5 years of our history as a festival.


These five years may have marked the metamorphosis of MUTEK Mexico into a cutting-edge festival. In 2009, MUTEK MX kept the fire of the festival alive with some activities in Mexico City, experimenting with big size formats and multidisciplinary performances in collaboration with the Cervantino International Festival. Thus, from that year, programming has been growing, along with the bold move of supporting digital arts beyond sound, transforming locations with video-scenography, A/V collaborations and immersive installations specially made for the festival. Soon, terms like A/Visions and Nocturne became familiar, and for the 2013 edition, MUTEK MX had grown into the most anticipated yearly gathering for the creative community and an audience avid for new sounds and experiences.



This playlist will take us through the sounds MUTEK artists were exploring and trends that dominated between 2009 and 2013: the rise of Footwork, Dubstep and Bass; Latin influences taking over the dance floor and a new wave of Mexican Techno producers. It will also bring back iconic moments in the trajectory of some of our favorites: Nathan Fake diving into Techno, Actress in his most experimental and acid form pre-Hazyville, Laurel Halo with her acclaimed Quarantine and James Holden with his polemic album The Inheritors. Enjoy this dive into the past, we recommend playing with a crossfade of between 5 to 8 seconds:  


MUTEK MX 2009-2013: Actress – Amon Tobin – Antiguo Automata Mexicano – Atom TM – Barnt – Brandt Brauer Frick – Caribou – Cubenx – Deadbeat – Demdike Stare – Den5hion – Diamond Version – Discodeine – DJ Rashad – Egyptrixx – FaltyDL – Fax – Four Tet – Frikstailers – Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Holy Other – James Holden – Jon Hopkins – Kampion – Kid Koala – Kode9 – Lao – Laurel Halo – Le Révélateur – Luke Abbott – Lvis Mejía – Machinedrum – Machino – Maniquí Lazer – Marbeya Sound – Matias Aguayo – Matmos – Métrika – Minilogue – Moderat – Modeselektor – Mount Kimbie – Nathan Fake – Nils Frahm – Ñaka Ñaka – Pachanga Boys – Pepe Mogt – Raime – Saschienne – Scuba – Sepalcure – The Field – Tim Hecker – Tyondai Braxton – Vessel – White Visitation




MUTEK MX Recommends – July 23 – 29

MUTEK MX Recommends – July 23 – 29

Mini-documentaries, interviews and our takeover at Aire Libre FM

In MUTEK MX Recommends, you will find all the news, activities and pieces related to the artistic community that makes this festival one of the most exciting experiences of each year.

This is what’s happening July 23 to 29, on the road to MUTEK MX Edition 16:


Our takeover at Aire Libre FM: Listen to a playlist with commentary by Damian Romero, the director of MUTEK MX


Artist by artist, Damian Romero (the artistic director of MUTEK MX), will present a detailed walkthrough of all the sounds and immersive stimuli that are waiting for us this November with Edition 16. For two hours, you will get in-depth information from each and every one of the performances that will come to the festival this year while enjoying a carefully curated selection of tracks.  

MUTEK MX Edition 16 x Resident Advisor: See the mini-documentary about Circle Of Live 

From the serenity of his studio in the middle of the woods, producer Sebastian Mullaert talks about the ideas that inspired him to gather a group of producers under the name of Circle Of Live (COL), an initiative that seeks to transform the dancefloor experience from a fresh perspective, giving priority to improvisations and free jamming structure in which all participants are able to enter and leave the stage according to the night’s mood, conducting unique music and dancing sessions. While we find out how COL works live and how the perspective of all the people involved has shifted, Sebastian will invite us to be mindful at the club: Circle of Live is a collective space, created to keep us present and open to the surprises that each moment will bring, connected by listening and dancing.

Interview with Bendik Giske: restrictions to reach freedom. 

One of the most fascinating artists that the European avant-garde has given us is, undoubtedly, Bendik Giske. This conversation with Tight magazine is an interesting recount of his life, from his atypical childhood to his decision to leave electronic instruments behind in order to make music using only his saxophone and the circular breathing technique. We recommend reading the interview while you listen to his magnificent album Surrender: 

Unstoppable: Refik Anadol is nominated to the Lumen Prize 2019 and is the winner of the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ International Award

 In addition to an intense season of unveiling pieces and immersive experiences in New York, Stockholm and Turkey, as well as participating in several technology and creativity festivals in Europe, the artist Refik Anadol has received very important nods from the industry: one award and one nomination. Just a few days ago, he received the Lorenzo Il Magnifico Lifetime Achievement Award, whereby UCLA recognized his trajectory as one of its most outstanding alumnus, and he has also been included in the list of nominees for the Lumen Prize 2019 in the category of “Moving Image”. The Lumen Prize For Art & Technology was established in 2012 with the purpose of acknowledging and boosting the best art made with technology all around the world. The news confirms that Melting Memories, the installation that he will present in Edition 16, is an experience you simply can’t miss.

PROGRAM | MUTEK Recommends
We explore Mexico City through sound and digital arts


Analogue summer: visit two locations from Edition 15


Throughout the rest of the summer, one of our favorite locations, the Tamayo Museum, will receive those seeking cutting-edge experiences to show their contemporary art collection, as well as current exhibitions, with guided visits, workshops and special visits. And if you want to disconnect from the city without leaving, the gardens of the Tamayo museum are at their greenest this time of year: the perfect shelter. If you visited the museum for the first time during the A/Visions 2 event from last year, you will be amazed by visiting it again during the day to discover all its exhibition halls. We can only tell you that the Diego Rivera collection and the architectural design are breathtaking. Here is a sneak peek:

> Museo Tamayo. Martes a domingo, 10:00 a 18:00 h. 

> Museo Anahuacalli. Martes a domingo, 11:00 a 17:30 h. 


Transpiksel Festival comes back to México

With activities in cities throughout different cities throughout Latin America, the Free Arts, Science and Technology Transpiksel Festival comes back this summer with an active program in Querétaro y Mexico City. You can check out their full program on Facebook


> Transpiksel – CDMX: July 25-27 / Querétaro: July 31 – August 2


> Algorave at Terminal

Saturday, July 27, 21:00 h.

Terminal Club Antisocial – Admission: $50 must bring valid ID 


> Infinite Machine presents: M.E.S.H., Tomás Urquieta & XWolfX

Saturday July 27, 22:30 h.

Yu Yu – Presale: $250 – must bring valid ID +21.

MUTEK MX Recommends – July 16 to 21th

MUTEK MX Recommends – July 16 to 21th

Fresh releases, what to do in Mexico City, and relevant news from and for the MUTEK MX community.

MUTEK MX Recommends brings the latest news and activities from the artistic community that makes MUTEK MX’s festival one of the most exciting experiences of the year.

This is the road to MUTEK MX Edition 16 from July 15th to 20th: 

MUTEK Buenos Aires releases its First Wave of Confirmed Artists

A few days ago MUTEK Buenos Aires announced its First Wave of Artists for its Edition 3, to be held this September just after the 20th Anniversary of MUTEK Montreal and just before Mexico’s Edition 16.  These 20+ artists represent MUTEK at its core: the new South American avant-garde is represented with Ale Hop (PE), IMAABS (CL) and Joaquina Salgado (AR) along with internationally renowned cutting-edge artists such as Hiroaki Umeda (JP) and Push 1 Stop & Wiklow (CA) who will present their most recent multimedia performances. Find all about MUTEK Buenos Aires here.

On the road to MUTEK Montreal’s 20th Anniversary: ​​Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho’s canadian premiere

One of the highlights of MUTEK MX Edition 15 definitely was Organismos oníricos, a performance by Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho that will have its Canadian premiere in August, as part of the 20th Anniversary of MUTEK Montreal. Producer Luis Trasto aka Nueve Vidas specializes in analog modular synthesizer live performance (we have seen him behind huge Euroracks with duo Alias ​​616), while Fernando Sica aka Rimiyoho, illustrator and visual artist, mixes painting and graffiti  techniques with digital tools for live visuals. This hybrid between analogue and digital processes makes the essence of Organismos oníricos, an audiovisual ecosystem that aims to reconnect us with the sacred. Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho will share the stage with Deena Abdelwahed, Overmono,, Bendik Giske, Circle Of Live, Ryoichi Kurokawa and Tim Hecker & The Konoyo Ensemble, artists that will also be performing in México City this November as part of MUTEK MX Edition 16. 


Pedro Maia announces new A/V collaboration with Shapednoise for Berlin Atonal

In addition to a solid career that includes individual and collective exhibitions in places such as the Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum and Edinburgh’s International Film Festival, Pedro Maia has become one of the favorite video scenographers of festivals such as Unsound, Dekmantel and the extinct All Tomorrow’s Party. His abstract, emotional and vivid style is the result of combining analogue media such as film in 8 and 16 mm and live cinema with digital edition, and has become the perfect visual complement to the music of artists such as Robert Lippok, Shackleton, Tropic Of Cancer, Gala Drop and Fennesz. A few days ago, Pedro Maia announced the premiere of Aesthesis, a new A/V collaboration with Italian producer Shapednoise, which will be premiered at the end of August at Berlin Atonal festival. After this premiere and a summer mini-tour that includes presentations at Flow (Finland) and Visions (France) festivals, Vessel & Pedro Maia will arrive to Mexico City to present the Queen of Golden Dogs A/V performance for MUTEK MX Edition 16



Refik Anadol’s new digital sculpture reinterprets data obtained from the Black Sea

After premiering Latent History in Stockholm and being called “The Leonardo Da Vinci of the 21st century”  by the press, artist Refik Anadol returned to his home country, Turkey, to inaugurate a new piece. Black Sea is a digital sculpture that reinterprets the data collected by a high frequency radar that floated for a year over the most remote areas of the Black Sea coast; Through the use of AI and other digital media, Refik transformed the practice of ‘data visualization’ of the information collected on the radar into an aesthetic experience full of poetry and abstraction. 


AGENDA  | MUTEK Recommends

Explore CDMX through sound and digital art.

Mensajes Sonoros #12 @ Centro de Cultura Digital

This series promoted by the CCD invites Mexican artists, dedicated mainly to sound and visual experimentation, to develop a live performance in resonance with the architectural spaces of CCD. Turning Torso, Enrique Arriaga and Malitzin Cortes are some of the artists who have participated in previous Mensajes Sonoros editions. This week, for the 12th edition of the series, the CCD presents the duo AMNL PRNT in collaboration with the visual artist Cirrina Lab (both projects were part of the Mexican artist representation at MUTEK MX in 2018). Mensajes Sonoros #12 can be enjoyed live from the Cinema Más Alla room or through the streaming channels of the CCD.

➤ Mensajes Sonoros #12

Thursday, July 18th – 20:00 h. 

Centro de Cultura Digital – Free entrance – All ages 


➤ Ableton Live Production Workshop

With Nicolás Guerrero aka White Visitation

Starts Wednesday July 17th – 19:00 h. – 6 sessions

Radio Nopal – Info:


➤ AAAA, Me&Myself y Jon Orve en Yu Yu

Saturday July 20th – 22:30 h.

Yu Yu – Presale: $150 – Mandatory ID – Age: +21


MUTEK MX Recommends – July 9 to 14th


MUTEK MX Recommends – July 9 to 14th


Fresh releases, what to do in Mexico City and relevant news from and for the MUTEK MX community 


Every November, MUTEK MX transforms Mexico City into the meeting point between audience seeking new experiences and the artists, producers and makers who are innovating in the arena of sound and digital art.


MUTEK MX Recommends brings the latest news and activities from the artistic community that makes MUTEK MX’s festival one of the most exciting experiences of the year.


This is the road to MUTEK MX Edition 16 from July 9th to 14th: 


➤  The city hallucinating itself: new Refik Anadol piece premiered at Stockholm 

Before his arrival at MUTEK MX, the artist Refik Anadol presents two new pieces dedicated to reactivating the memory of the city. Latent History, which premiered last weekend in Stockholm, is a project that uses images, video and soundscapes from the public archives of the city to reconstruct a new collective memory conceived by the city itself. “If there are people in the footage, we eliminate them to intentionally erase all ego. There are also no logos, only pure nature, urban spaces, buildings, streets and all space free of human interaction”, explains Refik, who edited Latent History in collaboration with an AI network that acts as the non-human counterpart of the narrative. The result is something like the city hallucinating itself. In September Anadol will present a similar piece in New York, using footage from that city, and November is Mexico’s turn with Melting Memories, 3D sculptures based on human memories stored in digital data, interpreted by AI developed by Anadol.


Get your tickets to enjoy the immersive experience of Melting Memories in our upcoming Edition 16. 


➤  Listen in full Aïsha Devi’s new EP

“Like Sade becoming an alien cyborg” wrote The Vinyl Factory. Last Friday Aïsha Devi released the five tracks of S.L.F., her most recent studio offering and an exciting hint of the neo-ritual that she’s about to bring to our Edition 16. S.L.F. It is available in vinyl, digital and all streaming platforms. Listen to it here:


Get your tickets to enjoy Aïsha Devi’s live performance in our upcoming Edition 16. 


➤  Improvisation to fly high: new Circle Of Live session from a hangar! 

A few days ago the ARTE Concert platform published the special session they made with Circle Of Live for their Passengers! series. For a little longer than an hour the producers Sebastian Mullaert, Vril and Neel take us into a unique groove inspired by the energy of the moment; inspiration, intuition and natural flow induced by Circle Of Live’s main prerogative, which consists of free improvisation and the producers own decision to when and how interviene into the jam. The alignment of COL varies in each performance and can be extended to up to six or seven participants who, moved to renew the club experience, exchange beats, melodies and moods in live jams that can last all night long.



Get your tickets to enjoy the first Circle Of Live session in Mexico City in our upcoming Edition 16.


➤ Join Pan-Arab Resistance: Tour & RA Podcast with Deena Abdelwahed. 

The powerful energy in the music of Deena Abdelwahed resonates around the world. This summer, the producer, DJ and queer artist from Tunisia is part of the line-up of some of the most exciting festivals on the European circuit. From Raíz Electrónica in Madrid to Room4Resistance in Berlin, Deena will expand her powerful message of resistance on a tour with more than 12 dates before her arrival on the continent for MUTEK Montreal in August and MUTEK MX in November. To celebrate her summer tour and upcoming arrival to the Americas, we share the new release of the RA Podcast, with an interview and playlist from Deena Abdelwahed:



AGENDA  | MUTEK Recommends

Explore CDMX through sound and digital art.


➤  Multiple realities packed in one:  enjoy CCD’s Immersive Experiences Library

Set aside a few hours this Wednesday and explore the Immersive Experiences Library at the Centro de Cultura Digital, a collection of content that show the narrative and aesthetic possibilities of immersive media, available to anyone who schedules a session. In addition, if you are developing a project that involves immersive media, the Immersion Laboratory team will be giving free consultories: discover new references, content and technical solutions in a collaborative environment. Sign up for any of these activities here

Experimental Space at Immersion Laboratory 

Wednesday, July 10th – 11:00 to 18:00 h. 

Centro de Cultura Digital – Free entrance – All ages 


➤ NAAFI at Terminal Club Antisocial

With LAO, Fausto Bahía, GA and T-U

Friday, July 12th –  21:00 h.

Terminal Club Antisocial – $100 before 23:00 h. Mandatory ID.


➤ Kelly Lee Owens DJ Set at Yu Yu

With Kelly Lee Owens and Wuuuan & Soos 

Saturday July 13th – 22:30 h.

Yu Yu – Presale: $250 – Mandatory ID – Age: +21

Playlist + Gallery: First Wave of Confirmed Artists Edition 16

Discover all the innovative sound sensations and hybrids between creativity and technology that are waiting for us throughout one whole week

As a preview of the multisensory oasis that we have prepared for our 16th Edition, we are pleased to present the First Wave of Confirmed Artists: this is just a part of the wide range of sound sensations and innovative hybrids between creativity and technology that are waiting for us throughout the week of MUTEK MX. With the surprises that come with the selection of new proposals and emerging artists, this is already shaping up to be a historical edition with the stellar performances of Tim Hecker & The Konoyo Ensemble, Murcof with visuals by Jimmy Lakatos, the Latin American debuts of Kelly Moran Grand Piano A/V and of Circle Of Live with Dorisburg, Frank Wiedemann (Âme live), Mathew Jonson & Sebastian Mullaert together for live jam collaborations, improvisation and solo explorations all night long, the Mexico premier of King Midas Sound, and the much-anticipated return of Fennesz.

The Passport and Nocturne Pass are available through Boletia.
Get your Passport and Nocturne Pass here.

Here, you may listen to our official playlist to immerse yourself in the sonorous dimension of Edition 16, a succession of tracks that incite both in-depth listening with artists such as Fennesz, Murcof, King Midas Sound, and Tim Hecker & The Konoyo Ensemble, and intense dancing caused by the rhythmic overstimulation of Overmono, Batu and Deena Abdelwahed. Dig in!

And of course, this November a series of installations, immersive experiences and A/V performances are coming to Mexico City, serving up a multisensory banquet for the festival’s audience and a source of inspiration for creative people looking for new intersections between technology, space and imagination:

Vessel & Pedro Maia UK+PT

Kelly Moran US RU

We’ve also prepared a guide, so you won’t miss anything in this year’s edition. The first part, delving into Tim Hecker & The Konoyo Ensemble, Kelly Moran Grand Piano A/V, and Bendik Giske, is now available on the official MUTEK MX app.

Tickets for the 16th Edition: All the information

Buy your ticket in advance and experience MUTEK MX at the best price

MUTEK MX 16th Edition is coming: A series of immersive experiences, multimedia installations and live acts that are redefining the boundaries in the circuit of digital arts will take over Mexico City from November 18th to 24th and you can get guaranteed access at the best price. Here’s all the information that you need:

➤ You may purchase your Phase 1 Passport or Nocturne Pass. You can pay with credit or debit card or in cash at any of the OXXO convenience stores.

➤ As in all editions of our festival, there will be free access activities in which all ages are welcome, as well as other activities for adults of legal age, with limited capacity. They will be announced on all our social media channels.

➤ For the 16th Edition, the Nocturne Pass will be the only ticket sold in THREE PHASES. We recommend taking advantage of our PHASE 1 and guarantee your access at the best price for the two nights of the Nocturne program on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of November.

➤ Once we have announced our daily program, you may buy tickets for each activity through Boletia.

Experience, the closing program on Sunday, November 24th, is free of charge and all ages are welcome.


This ticket will give you access to all the official paid activities in the festival’s program, some of which will happen as special presentations to be confirmed to Passport holders. This does not include additional Digi Lab activities or the Gastronomic Route. Exclusively for adults with official ID.

Purchase here
One price only: MXN $2310 + any applicable charges. While supplies last. Very limited.

This ticket will give you guaranteed access to the two Nocturne programs, which will happen on Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd of November. Exclusively for adults with official ID.

Purchase here
PHASE 1: MXN $1110 + any applicable charges. While supplies last.
PHASE 2: MXN $1160 + any applicable charges. While supplies last.
PHASE 3: MXN $1210 + any applicable charges. While supplies last.

Soon: Individual tickets for each program.

Coming soon: First Wave of Confirmed Artists

Edition 16 arrives full of stellar performances, immersive experiences, and the most profound live acts of the international circuit.

After fifteen years of inspiring new experiences in Mexico, we’re ready to continue surprising you: July 1st we will present the First Wave of Confirmed Artists, with close to fifteen international artists and projects that will show us the new possibilities of sound and digital art. This selection, representative of the programmatic arc of the festival, will include stellar, one of a kind performances, experiences designed by the most daring multimedia artists, and the Latin American debut of live acts about to sweep the European summer festival circuit. Technology and creativity at their apex throughout the whole week.

Together with the announcement of the artist lineup, we will be launching the sale of Passports, with access to all paid activities November 18th through 24th (as you already know, a non-stop week of multimedia experiences in the most incredible sites of the city), along with the sale of Nocturne Passes in Phase 1, with access to the two Nocturne programs the nights of November 22nd and 23rd (the most intense and surprising weekend of the year, at the best price).

If you acquired your Passport at the Early Bird price through Atrápalo (who recently announced the end of their Mexico operations), we remind you that you will soon receive your updated ticket. You can contact us for any clarifications at

Experimentation that’s germinating

Experimentation that’s germinating

Reconnect with the inspirational avant-garde sound from 2003 to 2008

On the cusp of beginning a new chapter for MUTEK MX with the preparations well underway for Edition 16, we’re still inspired by the energy emanating from these past 15 years. With that in mind, let’s review and share the sonic legacy of these past years in Mexico with a series of playlists that highlight historical lineups from three epochs of the festival.

In this first playlist, MUTEK MX 2003-2008, we revisit some of the projects and artists first presented in these early years who would go on to become icons of the MUTEK spirit by creating experiences that left a mark on the cultural life of the city and on the way audiences experience digital art. This selection of recordings, beginning with the haunting serenity of Tim Hecker and closing with Bytone’s abrasive beats, hides flashbacks to some of the best moments of the MUTEK MX’s early years: Monolake at the UNAM Sculpture Garden, Tujiko Noriko at the Fru-Frú Theater, Flying Lotus at the Covadonga… and reconnects us with the path blazed by the Frente Nacional during the entirety of MUTEK Mexico’s earliest epoch. Are you ready?

At more than five hours playtime, this playlist will refresh your memory of ambient, minimal, IDM, clicks & cuts, and the many techno and house mutations that emerged during the second half of the 2000s.

MUTEK MX 2003-2008: Alva Noto, Andy Vaz, Anja Schneider, Antiguo Autómata Mexicano, Apparat, Bendhel, Biosphere, Bostich, Byetone, Cabanne, Circlesquare, Crackhaus, Cubenx, Chic Miniature, Childs, Danieto, Deadbeat, Duopandamix, Egg, Emisor, Fax, Flying Lotus, Fussible, Gustavo Lamas, Jackson and His Computer Band, Jan Jelinek, Jimmy Edgar, John Tejada, Kangding Ray, Kode9, Krikor, Leandro Fresco, Lego, Lucien-N-Lucian, Lumen Lab, Manrico Montero , Marc Houle, Mario de Vega, Mathew Jonson, Matías Aguayo, Matthew Dear, Métrika, Mikael Stavöstrand, Monolake, Murcof, Ozy, Panóptica, Pantha Du Prince, Pier Bucci, Pole, Radian, Robag Wruhme, Robin Guthrie, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Schneider TM, skoltz_kolgen, Spectrum, Telefon Tel Aviv, Terrestre, Tim Exile, Tim Hecker, Troy Pierce, Tujiko Noriko, Ulrich Schnauss, Zofa …



After the sensory celebration that was the XV edition of MUTEK.MX, we will be once again able to live an extraordinary combination of technology, art, and music. The 2019 Edition of the festival – which will take place from November 18th to 24th – promises to surpass any experience that the audience has been able to live in the past 16 years. For all who live for innovation and the avant-garde, MUTEK.MX announces the launch of Early Bird tickets, which will be available on May 15th at 11 AM CST. The tickets grant access to all activities of the festival, including special events. There will be options available at the same time for travel and accommodations so that attendants visiting the city can do so comfortably, safely, and quickly.

The price for Early Bird tickets is $1,800 MXN plus fee and offers a 20% savings on the price of Passports and 40% in pricing for each program. Early Bird tickets are limited.

We will soon introduce the programs, artists, and other activities of MUTEK.MX Edition 16th, as well as the dates of each program. The celebration is about to begin.

Get your Early Bird tickets here ☞

Convocatoria Talento Nacional Edición 16


Estamos oficialmente lanzando la convocatoria de propuestas de proyectos para la edición 16 de MUTEK, que dará lugar en la Ciudad de México del 18 al 24 de Noviembre de 2019. Invitamos a todos los artistas mexicanos que exploran nuevas vías estéticas en creación digital y música electrónica. Esta convocatoria se aplica ÚNICAMENTE a los mexicanos residiendo en México y en otros países, pero también son bienvenidas las solicitudes de artistas extranjeros que residen en México.

El tipo de proyectos en los que estamos especialmente interesados son:
Ejecuciones musicales en vivo, originales y predominantemente de música electrónica.
Ejecuciones audiovisuales que presentan un uso innovador de imágenes y sonidos
digitales en los que el audio y la imagen se consideran una entidad singular.
Instalaciones urbanas y mapping arquitectónico.
Instalaciones interactivas y audiovisuales que puedan imaginarse en el espacio social o como encuentros en sitios y lugares ocupados por el festival.
Cualquier proyecto que supere los límites y desafíe las convenciones en el ámbito de la
creación digital.

MUTEK se dedica a presentar ejecuciones en vivo, no se considerarán DJ SETS.

Alentamos a todos los aplicantes a acompañar su solicitud con documentación de audio o video de sus proyectos.
La fecha límite de presentación de solicitudes para todas las propuestas de MUTEK.MX 2019 es el 3 de mayo de 2019.
Debido al volumen histórico de solicitudes, sólo se contactará a los artistas, si se considera que se presentarán en el festival. ¡Agradecemos a todos los candidatos por su interés!



MUTEK.MX está en busca de talento mexicano.

En MUTEK.MX nos sentimos orgullosos de la creciente comunidad mexicana en busca de expandirse a través del arte y la tecnología. Este año convocamos a todo el talento de
nacionalidad mexicana, para dar a conocer su proyecto y trayectoria y formar parte de la familia MUTEK.MX.
Esta convocatoria es abierta a artistas sonoros, visuales, performáticos, musicales, instalaciones, coding y cualquier propuesta análoga o digital que busque crear un puente entre el arte y la tecnología.

MUTEK.MX, bajo la estricta supervisión de su equipo responsable de la curaduría del festival, estará revisando cada uno de los actos propuestos, por lo que se pide a todos los candidatos seguir las indicaciones rigurosamente. Esto nos evitará rechazar los actos que automáticamente pierden elegibilidad al no cumplir con los términos.
Cada punto establecido es fundamentado por los intereses y objetivos del festival. Cada uno de los puntos deben ser considerados como obligatorios, ya que cada rubro corresponde al filtro que define el ser parte de la selección o no.

MUTEK.MX es un festival que impulsa la creación de puentes entre el arte y la tecnología. Es muy importante continuar con la ampliación y fortalecimiento de la comunidad creativa de nuestro país y para esto consideramos los siguientes requerimientos:
● Sólo se tomarán en cuenta proyectos o actos terminados (No avances o trabajos parciales).
● Al menos 1 integrante del proyecto debe tener nacionalidad mexicana.
● El proyecto debe ser propio. Las personas que sean sorprendidas utilizando material ajeno serán descalificadas automáticamente.
● DJ Sets no serán tomados en cuenta.
● Todo acto visual o sonoro debe contener un apoyo que facilite a la curaduría divisar el motivo y contenido del proyecto. De esto dependen todos los proyectos para ser revisados y continuar a la etapa de selección.

Estos son los perfiles propuestos por el festival:
● Ejecuciones musicales en vivo, originales y predominantemente de música electrónica.
● Ejecuciones audiovisuales que presentan un uso innovador de imágenes y sonidos digitales en los que el audio y la imagen se consideran una entidad singular.
● Instalaciones urbanas y mapping arquitectónico.
● Instalaciones interactivas y audiovisuales que puedan imaginarse en el espacio social o como encuentros en sitios y lugares ocupados por el festival.
● Cualquier proyecto que supere los límites y desafíe las convenciones en el ámbito de la creación digital.

Del día 01 de Mayo al 03 de Mayo del 2019 deberás entregar la propuesta en formato profesional (.WAV ó .AIFF para audio / .MOV para videos / Link con streaming de alta calidad) y documentación solicitada a continuación.


● Presentación de proyecto (Por favor incluir redes y fotos del proyecto).
● Acta de nacimiento (Para comprobar nacionalidad).
● Breve descripción (ajena o autónoma) del proyecto o propuesta.
● Sugerimos incluir algún set, EP, sencillo, contenido audiovisual, de lo contrario la propuesta puede ser descalificada automáticamente.
Instrucciones de envío:
1. Comprime UNA sola carpeta con la documentación correspondiente. Recuerda añadir toda la información que solicitamos anteriormente.
2. Comparte un link de GOOGLE DRIVE , en donde venga la carpeta comprimida con tu documentación al siguiente correo:
3. Una vez que nos hayas hecho llegar el link con la carpeta , el equipo de curaduría descargará tu documentación.
4. Recuerda que nos hacen llegar muchos proyectos que quieren participar en MUTEK.MX 2019, no borres la carpeta hasta que los resultados estén publicados en nuestras redes sociales.