Swede producer Axel Boman keeps the wheels of clubland in Stockholm spinning with his warm, expansive selections. Whether it’s dreamy deep house or pitter-pattering techno, a stint at the Fryhusets DJ school and time spent digging in his brother’s Italo disco collection have clearly influenced his take on a functional dancefloor dynamic. He is the man behind the world-known Holy Love and Purple Drank, both released on DJ Koze’s Pampa Records in 2010. You only need to take a look at his wonderful Family Vacation and the sets that have spread from it –including his participation in Boiler Room– to perceive his abilities to weave and unweave the melodic dynamics he has polished over the years. In our edition this year you’ll be able to feel in your own set of legs the sensibility and elegance with which he can take us for a joy ride.