Ben Frost was born in Australia, but has had Island as his headquarters for almost ten years now. We suspect that, in his case, geography plays a major role as it serves as a great source of inspiration for his sonic sculptures, which he has achieved though carving with sound-art tools as much as with post-classic electronic music, always conceiving the aural experience as an immersive one. In A U R O R A, his minimalistic, icy-cold approach to drones –those sustained notes he has transformed into passageways to the unconscious­­– has managed to create a magnetic, intensely luminous piece that has left its audience blind and feeble, this time without the aid of guitars or pianos. With the defiant spirit of metal, synthetic forms and interference of galactic echoes have been conveyed to make a resonance box of the body as a fundamental part of the experience. In 2006, Frost founded the label/collective Bedroom Community along with Nico Muhly and Valgeir Sigurðsson, and collaborates frequently with other musicians and producers: In 1972 he participated in Virgins and Ravedeath with Tim Hacker; in The Seer with SWANS; in New History Warfare with experimental saxophonist Colin Stetson, among many others. If we could somehow express what our audience in this year’s edition will witness, it would be something like the extraordinary combo of sonic, visceral emotions with arid landscapes that we would have believed impossible of moving us.