It is said that Camille Mandoki aka Billie Mandoki has dedicated a great part of her short life to feeling. And still, Camille, at 23 years old, is only beginning to get a feel for herself and her voice in her music and surroundings. And that voice, without doubt, is one of the greatest privileges a young artist could possess. While listening to her we can go from melancholy to ephemeral, imaginary architecture thanks to the beautiful abstractions she has reached through sound experimentation since she was 16. She has recently collaborated in projects like Coyoli or Naff Chusma. For her presentation in MUTEK.MX this year, she’ll unite her best moments in more than 50 draft-songs. She is part of the artists under Mexican label CVMR, which since 2012 has helped broadcasting local talent (Century, Los Rombos, Pettro, Anti Gravity) and some international talent as well (Sleazy, McQueen, Mark E, The Revenge).

Nrmal presentation (fragment)