In response to the wide and notable surge of new contemporary Mexican artists and producers, comes the need to seek and demonstrate the stories surrounding our ever-changing context; a need to open Mexico to the world and to its people, while simultaneously shedding light on the artists that have put the country in the spotlight of the most demanding audience, as well as the future eminences yet to be uncovered; a space, both physical and virtual, that documents the passing of this Mexican music wave. However, where’s Mexico positioned in a global context? How has it become the nesting ground for so many cultural fusions?

This year marks the birth of an initiative started by two authorities, driven by the impetus to exhibit our local culture in diverse crucial spots in the planet; two foreign platforms which have come to stay in Mexican ground thanks to an underlying interest for the vanguards our country has to offer. Throughout its short life, the music show platform Boiler Room has rapidly expanded through over 60 cities in the world, Mexico included, with its concept of intimate music sessions to be transmitted through the internet. In this way, Boiler Room Mexico has surpassed physical limitations and opened the doors for underground local talent.

On the other hand, annual MUTEK festival, with bases in Montreal, Mexico City, Barcelona and Bogota, has positioned itself as a critical ministry for digital and musical arts, with the participation of the most relevant national and international exponents; bonding global culture in a festival that serves as a display for the constant evolution of audiovisual art. These two platforms converge this year to grasp an ideal consolidation of proposals, and to arrange carefully curated presentations between foreign and local artists, looking to bring global vanguards together in a single space; Boiler Room X MUTEK Mexico.