BORN IN FLAMEZ is introduced as a nightmare of identity, a rhetorical figure, something without a past and without a present, and whose only way to exist is collective, like a kaleidoscope of possible destinies… All that give us clues about BIF intentions of subverting any genre (sexual or musical) with lots of influences, that come from industrial, but also from grime, or futuristic electro. Born In Flamez became famous beyond the Berlin scene with a single that was included in Modeselektion Vol. 3, and has collaborated with Perera Elsewhere, Phon.o, Sinkane, Nils Bech, Glass Eyes y Robot’s Don’t Sleep (Robot Koch). BIF will arrive to our newest edition this year with Polymorphous, an EP recently released by UnReal Audio label, and the Mexican audience is going to hear it live thanks to our collaboration with Berlin Current.

En Boiler Room
Berlin Current