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Up to date with MUTEK.MX Edition 15

Yves Tumor headlines NANO MUTEK.MX, new app and more!



Ya puedes descargar la aplicación oficial de MUTEK.MX Edición 15

Take your festival agenda along with you right on your cell phone, and learn more about all the artists in the MUTEK.MX Edition 15, with the official festival app. You can even purchase your Nocturne subscription, at Phase 1 prices, directly through the app. Available for download now:


Yves Tumor is the stellar talent of NANO MUTEK.MX 2018 presented by Hennessy. The artist’s return to Mexico is to present the new album Safe in the Hands of Love, released by the legendary Warp Records and a work already considered among the best releases of the past year.  This deep listening evening is complemented by Transgresorcorruptor (MX) and the premier of AMNL PRNT’s (MX) new live A/V. On Friday, October 19, Yves Tumor will transform what’s known as live performance with an unpredictable, intense and visceral energy. An unforgettable night, it’s also a perfect kick-off for celebrating XV Años.

Compra tu boleto


Digi Lab 2018 Open Calls: VR documentary and Electronic music production workshops

Digi Lab, the MUTEK.MX day program, is an exchange and generative platform for knowledge of digital art and sound. Check here announcements of two of this year’s Digi Lab offerings. Translaciones 2.0, is a workshop offered in collaboration with the Alumnos Foundation and the SAE Institute México. The workshop is led by Leslie García, aka Microhom during October and will culminate with a live performance as part of MUTEK.MX Edition 15. Alternarte Realities, is a virtual reality workshop conducted including performers and representatives from the English festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest.

MUTEK.MX Ticket info: International purchase

For all the International community ready to live the MUTEK Experience  in Mexico City, we have full Passports and Nocturne Pass available for international purchase at Atrápalo. You can add accommodations and transport to your purchase!




This ticket guarantees your access to the festival official paid activities taking place from November 19 to 25. Digi Lab, Special Projects and Gastronomic Route extra activities are not included.

Abono Nocturne

his ticket guarantees your access to the two NOCTURNE programs taking place on Friday November 23th and Saturday November 24th. Also you can anticipate your trip to Mexico City by directly adding travel and accommodations to your purchase.


Very Special Early Bird and round trips now available

Next November, MUTEK.MX will celebrate its XV anniversary with a program that will make you connect with Mexico City through innovative sound and digital experiences inspired by innovation and a risk-taking vision. Thanks to our partnership with Hennessy, starting today you can plan your trip and get the most of your experience at the festival by purchasing our limited Very Special Early Bird, a blind Passport at a unique price, and booking your flights and accommodations, all through Atrápalo.

This Very Special Early Bird Passport guarantees your access to the festival official paid activities, which include special program slots for VSEB holders. Digi Lab, Special Projects and Gastronomic Route extra activities are not included.

Manrico Montero: In Memoriam

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

La mañana del martes 22 de mayo la comunidad de artistas sonoros, músicos electrónicos y creadores experimentales en México recibió con conmoción la noticia de la partida de Manrico Montero (1973-2018). En MUTEK.MX nos sumamos a los mensajes de admiración y reconocimiento a su trayectoria artística, en la que el afecto, la sensibilidad hacia el otro y hacia la naturaleza, amplificaron su alcance y nos dejan, más que un cuerpo de obra, una actitud ejemplar muy necesaria en el ámbito creativo.


Desde la trinchera de MUTEK.MX, fuimos testigos de cómo las exploraciones artísticas e investigaciones relacionadas con bioacústica, biosemiótica y ecoacústica de Manrico se volvieron influencia fundamental entre muchos de los artistas mexicanos y latinoamericanos que han nutrido la programación del festival, desde Fax -con quien se presentó en la Edición 5 (2008) como Estructuras de la Tarde-, hasta Interspecifics, con quienes colaboró muy de cerca como asesor de Nuevas Tecnologías en el FONCA. De igual forma Mandorla, netlabel que fundó en 2005, permitió la expansión y crecimiento de audiencias interesadas en el ambient, la electroacústica y la improvisación. También, la obra y pensamiento de Manrico Montero ha sido parte de nuestra inspiración para el diseño de experiencias de escucha en la programación de MUTEK.MX.

Con el fin de continuar promoviendo su obra y celebrar su vida, MUTEK.MX comparte la grabación íntegra de su participación en la Edición 12 (2015) en el Nocturne 1 dentro del Foto Museos Cuatro Caminos:

Manrico Montero se presentó en MUTEK.MX en 2006, 2007 y 2015 y como Estructuras de la Tarde en 2008.


MUTEK.MX 2017 in images

53 artists from 14 countries distributed in 7 programs and 4 special projects through 7 days of festival featuring workshops, conferences, VR installations, networking, shows and immersive experiences in 6 different locations.

This was MUTEK.MX 2017!

Music: Santi Rodriguez

We launched our 2018 event on Facebook

Please join us in our 2018 event on Facebook featuring MUTEK Mexico historic reviews, news, opportunities and benefits. From 19 to 25 November we celebrate 15 years building bridges between art and technology.


In the previous Montreal edition, Mexico City was one of the distinguished cities brought in to celebrate the 375th anniversary of the host city’s foundation via the Inter_Connect program. As a result of this exchange, this year we have organized a group of experimental and avant-garde producers from Canada and Quebéc for the Edition 14 of MUTEK.MX. We are thrilled to strengthen the bonds between Montréal and Mexico. These artists standout from their live shows and performances during the festival, running November 22-26 in Mexico, as well as participating in the discursive Digi Lab program of panels, workshops and interviews.

Thanks to the support of Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec and the Ministère des Relations Internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec as part of the Diversités project, an unprecedented total of 14 artists will present 9 performances during the festival.

Julien Roy & Alexandre Burton (artificiel) pres. Three Pieces With Titles

Who: Alexandre Burton and Julien Roy, co-founders of Montréal-based digital creation studio, artificiel
Style: Immersive audiovisual installations and performances, electroacoustic compositions, custom-built software and hardware

A MUTEK commission developed with the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Three Pieces With Titles relies on a new, souped-up, extreme real-time, audiovisual instrument that merges cameras, synthesizers, acoustic instruments, computers, and video projectors. The “three pieces” refer to three distinct movements: the image controls the sound (photographs trigger a camera plus a computer system linked to audio); the sound controls the image (an instrument triggers a camera plus computer system linked to photographs); and the sound is the image is the sound (colour turns into sound, acoustic vibration changes the colour and vice-versa).

Lucas Paris pres. AntiVolume IN/EXT

Who: Montréal-based musician and digital artist Lucas Paris, member of electroacoustic quartet Quadr and A/V outfit Betafeed
Style: Immersive synaesthetic environments, space-specific algorithmic light sculptures, ambient fantastical IDM, corroded rhythmic noise

This light and sound-sculpting A/V work performed on custom equipment, explores the constant motions and dynamics between timbre and colour, interior and exterior —reinterpreting ambient noise, techno tropes and rave-ish rhythms.


Who: Montréal musician and producer Sara Magnan
Style: Experimental tech house, IDM meets musique concrète, psychedelic dancefloor grooves

Magnanime creates a techno-house hybrid rife with experimental nuances, embracing mistakes of technology and recycling odd noises into her perpetually evolving, beat driven repertoire. Live, her forward thinking production process and enthusiasm for listener’s reactions shines, aware of her environment she manifests a dance music experience that is always an exchange with the audience.

Maotik & Max Cooper pres. Hyperform

Who: British producer and DJ Max Cooper and Montréal-based digital artist Mathieu Le Sourd
Style: 360º immersive audiovisual experience, amplified spatial forms linked to rhythmic excursions

Hyperform is an immersive A/V experience, exploring the role of spatial dimensionality to construct our reality, and its potential to create strange new realities as higher dimensional forms and spaces unravel around us. Hyperform sits at the edge between mathematics, science, visual and audio arts. The journey begins with the simplest spatial forms in both audio and visual format, and progresses towards a realm of beautiful immersive abstraction using real mathematical models of hyperdimensional forms, which are believed to exist beyond our normal perceptual capacity.

Woulg & Push 1 stop pres. Interpolate

Who: Montréal-based composer and new media artist Greg Debicki aka Woulg and motion design, 3D and audio reactive visuals creator Cadie Desbiens aka Push 1 stop.
Style: Emotive glitch music combined with grunge dissonance and the complexity of IDM and jazz. Visual and elegant narrative constructions, both precise and complex.

Interpolate uses live coding and generative processes to explore the relationship between audio and visual. This audio reactive performance is divided in four acts, image and sound meet, take turns in controlling each other and end up working in symbiosis. The stark, minimal, generative 3D geometry and particle systems take the audience through the music, conveying the physicality of the sound while mapping out the emotional landscape of the melodies. To interpolate means to determine an intermediate value or term in a serie by calculating it from surrounding known values; on stage Push 1 stop and Woulg send data wirelessly to each other in order to be able to patch new interactions between audio and visuals in real time, and interpolate the missing data between sound and image.

Musique Nouvelle (aka Simon Chioini & Félix Gourd)

Who: Montréal-based composer and producer Simon Chioini, also known as SC, Chioini and DJ Voilà and Montréal-based 3D visual artist, VJ and scenographer known as Félix Félix Gourd Gourd
Style: Percussion-driven electroacoustic techno, experimental acousmatic compositions; 3D expérimentations, dreamlike worlds and abstract geometry

Bolstered by a community of harmoniously experimental artists in Montréal, Simon Chioini creates a hybrid of new music compositions and genre fusing underground club sounds – acoustic instrumental flourishes and synth waves layered in syncopated rhythms and unexpected distortions. After completing a degree at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, Félix Gourd changed his practice towards visual production. His versatility has lead him to work with many local musicians, as well as international pop stars Britney Spears and Selena Gomez, alongside his established collaboration with Simon Chioini.

Diagraf, Ewerx & Wiklow pres. Liquid Architecture

Who: Montreal based trio composed of Patrick Trudeau aka Diagraf mostly known as a digital visual artist, but also a VJ, DJ, composer, and filmmaker ; programmer, artist and designer Ehsan Rezaie aka Ewerx specialized in creating visual and interactive experiences using technology and code and composer and technologist and digital artist Michael Dean aka Wiklow.
Organic and textured structures of sound and images. Ephemeral constructions dissolving into one another.

Liquid Architecture approaches generative composition and performance methods in an immersive environment. Combining LIDAR data and creative modeling, real-world buildings and imaginary landscapes are displaced and reconstructed point-by-point in 3D.


Who: Montréal visual designer and DJ Jean-Sébastien Baillat (Studio Baillat.)
Style: Hi-tech, vivid geometric moving images and hyper-stylized surreal visions

Jean-Sebastien Baillat has been creating high-tech visuals, branding campaigns, printed materials, web based work, dome performances, light and laser design, installations and staging for more than 15 years. Always at the forefront of technological practices he has maintained a reputation for potent, glossy, elegant creations.

Tim Hecker
Who: Montréal-based electronic musician, sound artist and academic
Style: Emotionally resonant abstract electronic soundscapes, ambient glitch and drone, warm harmonic noise, acoustic gone digitally wild

After 20 years and eight solo albums, Tim Hecker’s mastery of deep “ambient noise” still escalates in intensity with every release and increasingly sensorial performance. From his captivating bleak soundscapes on Harmony in Ultraviolet to melodic explorations of acoustic instruments run through with digital dexterity on Virgins, Hecker resists languishing in any genre. His compositions veer from synthesized glitching static to sustained piano chords, from dissonance to orchestral harmony.

Here is the full program.

Don’t miss any of the best Canadian and Québécoise talent and get your tickets here.

This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the ” Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec as part of the Diversités project.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.


The trajectory of this year’s programs is to create a different narrative and provide an open highway to the most adventurous sides of electronic music and digital creativity. We joined forces with the British Embassy via their Innovation UKMX. This cooperative effort will let us witness consecrated acts as well as emerging talents from the British Isles. They will be present in a series of epic journeys where the best of ingenuity will be displayed by Squarepusher, The Orb, Emptyset, Dark Sky and Kelly Lee Owens.

To fully enjoy the best of British innovation, get your tickets here!

On this context, our frequent collaborator Ejival introduces the legendary duo The Orb.

“Back to the chill-out mood ambient world of The Orb”

Even with the passing of time, the music of The Orb still transcends and transmits intermittent waves from its lunar base throughout the multidimensional conscience and within their disruptive frame. From the beginning of the 90’s, they changed the perception of rave music and added a whole new different dimension to the dance floor. Dr. Alex Paterson, the main force behind The Orb, always knew that there were sound layers to draw and new lands to explore. With the support of a host of collaborators and floating within major and independent labels for more than 25 years, The Orb has a magnificent, vast musical legacy worthy of the most profound analytical appreciation.

From this musical cluster, not everything has aged well but some of its obsolescence seemed planned from its inception. It is not about a certain electronic music style—of soft rave sounds, underworld dub or acoustic pop landscapes—but of a aesthetic presence that reflects a pulsating state caused by psychedelic substances and the care for the nature’s own chaos.

The Orb’s latest reincarnation, Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann side to side, is maybe the best one which synthesizes the pure state of sensation and depth; its new era with the German label Kompakt has given them a freedom in which requests and demands are no longer important, a time where label bosses thought they would become in some sort of Chemical Brothers. There had always been rebellion within the liquid and abstract sphere, one capable of writing the most subtle odes.

Their latest Kompakt creation, called COW / Chill Out, World!, summarizes the dub and ambient essence of the project in much more complete format. It is the gentler and direct side of Fehlmann and Paterson, with hundreds of settings and contemplative situations; it is the best piece of advice the world could get.

All of these considerations are the perfect introduction for their Ambience show at MUTEK.MX on Thursday, November 23. It is a truly special occasion where the planets, stars and dimensions have aligned for this special moment: aliens and humans, remain pending because The Orb are about to take off.




For our Edition 14, our already classic Nocturne program changes place to a historic and completely renewed steel factory. This space, which is reminiscent of the electronic culture of the eighties and nineties in different parts of the globe, recaptures that essence of having an unforgettable night; the artistic installations will definitly give the audience a full immersive experience. The factory has over 18,000 square meters, with three stages and all the necessary logistic and transportation services to live a memorable journey.

We devised and later found a unique venue adjusted to the safety and comfort of everyone.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Nocturne 1 | Nocturne 2

“Fábrica” video by Templo


– Look for the corresponding queue of your ticket
– Forget the long waiting line! We have a Cashless system for your comfort and safety. You can recharge with your cash or card.
– For your safety we recommend buying your transportation through Live Tours
– If you are driving, please be aware of the time tables for the overhead driveway (segundo piso):
South to north from 16H to 24H y north to south from 5H to 11H
– There are special discounts on Hennessy drinks paying with the Wallet app which you can activate via any BBVA card.
– No professional photographic cameras nor video recorders allowed (photos and video without flash)
– Parking lot has valet parking service with a cost $50 MXN and is located in Lagrange Churrasquería
– There is a hotel service at Real Inn Perinorte with a special rate of $900.00 MXN + TAXES per night presenting your ticket of any Nocturne or Nocturne Pass
– There is a food court inside the factory where you will find the best culinary picks specially curated by Comilona like Fahrenheit Food Truck, Foodstock Dogueria, Empanadería, Tizne Tacomotora and El Dorado
– The box office and the access will close at 02H sharp
– Should any questions arise, please direct any questions to our staff or the security personnel at the main exit
– There is no re-admissions back at the venue so it is important that you take all you need with you

These services are amenities for our audience’s comfort; nevertheless, they are independent from the main festival operations.

You can find more information about transportation, access routes through several points of the city, parking and all the different details in this downloadable PDF.


Official Transportation:

For a full experience at our new location, this year we have Live Tours as the official transportation. A comfortable mobility service with one exit point, different scheduels and special treats like picking up and dropping in at the venue and special express access to the event.

The service will run from Parque España in running schedules; returning trips will be working hourly from 02H until the end of the event; then, there will be running continuous trips.

First shuttle 20H
Second shuttle 21H

First shuttle 18H
Second shuttle 19H

Another transport alternative is Jetty, the mobile app to travel to and from Mexico City and the State of Mexico. Check their service and benefits here.


Calle Henry Ford #81, Col. San Nicolás, Tlalnepantla de Baz

Calle Henry Ford #81, Col. San Nicolás, Tlalnepantla de Baz

Public Transport:

Nearest suburban train stations:
-Edo. de México—San Rafael

The easiest way to arrive is through subway or metrobus to the Buenavista station. Then, access the railroad terminal via Cuautitlán and descend on San Rafel Station

Buena Vista > Fortuna > Tlalnepantla > San Rafael

From the station you can take a cab or an Uber to the venue: Henry Ford #81.



Arena Ciudad de México

Mundo E

Outlet Punta Norte



Alameda del Sur


Comercial Mexicana San Jerónimo

Universidad Anáhuac

Centro Comercial Santa Fe


Foro Sol

Airport T1

Plaza Sendero Ixtapaluca


Bellas Artes

Parque México



After rescheduling the festival dates, we ask you to pay close attention to the following:

• Due date to request refund because of the Schedule date is next Sunday, November 12.

A/Visions 2 ticket holders, initially scheduled for Thursday, October 12 at Teatro de la Ciudad can process their refund directly on Ticketmaster. If the payment was via credit or debit card, refunds were automatically made by Thursday, October 5 (if this is not the case, please check with Ticketmaster); if the tickets were bought in cash in a Ticketmaster Center, you must go to the specific center in which you bought it with your official ID. If the tickets were bought at the box office, you must go there with the tickets and official ID.

• The renewed program A/Visions 2 with Alva Noto, Lorenzo Senni y Steve Hauschildt will be presented on Wednesday, November 22 on the Auditorio BlackBerry; tickets for this event are available in our StubHub platform.

• All tickets for Opening scheduled for Wednesday, October 11 are valid for the re-furbished Ambience program which will take place on Thursday, November 23 in Auditorio BlackBerry with The Orb, Tim Hecker and Rafael Anton Irisarri.

• If you have tickets for any of the Nocturnes or A/Visions 1, there is no need for change, since the tickets are still valid for those dates: Wednesday, October 11 for Wednesday, November 22 (19 and 20.30H) as well as Thursday, October 12 for Thursday, November 23 in their respective schedules. In the case of Nocturne 1, Friday, October 13 is valid for Friday, November 24 Nocturne 1, while Nocturne 2 Saturday, October 14 are valid for Saturday, November 25.

• Individual pre-sale tickets are available online until one day before each event, passports until November 15 and Nocturne Passes until Thursday 23. All available via different payment methods here: StubHub.

• If you have the BBVA Wallet app, you can acquire the Passport and the Nocturne Pass at a preferential rate until November 8 on the following link: BBVA Wallet.

Buying online with BBVA Wallet is really simple: CLICK
Download the APP: ANDROID / IOS

These are our confirmed venuesFinal Venues finales 2017.
Find the details of every program here.

Any questions please let us know at:


Squarepusher, The Orb, Alva Noto and Telefon Tel Aviv are confirmed while Nina Kraviz, Dark Sky, Tim Hecker, Kelly Lee Owens and Woulg & Push 1 stop have been added to the line up

As the festival has changed dates following the earthquake and aftermath events of last month, we would like to acknowledge the support and cooperation of our private, institutional and media partners, collaborators, artists and above all, our community and audience. The MUTEK.MX team have all been personally affected by the disaster and have been engaged in various recovery efforts. As reconstruction continues and daily life resumes, the team is also committed to the ways in which art and music bring people together, and have been working hard to maintain the essential experience of connection and revelation that the festival offers.

Regarding the program, A/Visions 1 (Tuesday, November 21 pre-show, Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23, individual tickets) will take place as planned in the Papalote Museo del Niño; the Nocturne (Friday 24 and Saturday 25) will take place at the historic steel factory, featuring three different stages and installations/experiences; and the Closing (Sunday 26) stays at the Museo Tamayo. We are still working to confirm the venue for A/Visions 2 (Wednesday 22) and the Opening program, renamed Ambience (Thursday 23).

Check the details of the full list below.


On Saturday, October 14 ticket sales for the 14th edition of the festival resumed (details about a percentage being allocated as donations below). Tickets for A/Visions 1+2, Ambience (previously known as Opening) and Nocturnes 1+2 are available through Stubhub, our official platform. The Closing and Digi Lab activities are free (except some workshops).

30% of proceeds from the Passports sold until October 22, will be donated to support the civil project @BioReconstruyeMX, an active bio-reconstruction program in direct contact with victims in the affected areas. During the next weeks, we will continue to encourage new support initiatives.

Tickets on sale

Please also check:
BioReconstruye México

#FuerzaMéxico #19s

EQUIKNOXX pres. Gavsborg, Shanique Marie & Time Cow JM
MAX COOPER & MAOTIK pres. Hyperform UK+CA/QC
WOULG & PUSH 1 STOP pres. Interpolate CA/QC
DIAGRAF, EWERX & WIKLOW pres. Liquid Architecture CA/QC
LUCAS PARIS pres. Antivolume In/Ext CA/QC
NO LIGHT & /*PAC pres. Arise MX
and more to be announced