Presented by: SAMSUNG Gear VR
Supported by:  Año Dual Alemania-México 2016-2017 & British Council
Venues: Universidad de la Comunicación (Querétaro 101, Roma Norte) y Museo Tamayo (Paseo de la Reforma 51, Bosque de Chapultepec)
Dates: October 19 – 23
Schedule: October 19 – 21 (16-21 H) / October 22 & 23 (10-18 H)

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This year we updated the professional and educative frame of MUTEK.MX, now called DIGI_LAB. In this space we broaden subjects and contents with a special project originally conformed nearly two years ago at our MUTEK Montreal offices: the new creation is called VR SALON. It is a gathering of professionals, artists, and creative minds, which is focused on the various possibilities of art, technology, and creativity within the development of the ever-growing VR discipline.

Our guests come from Germany, UK, Canada, US, and Mexico. They will share different points of view regarding VR production from animation, new narratives, documentaries, art, videogames, and its recent use in the marketing industry.


André Lauzon, VR PRODUCER
Mate Steinforth, SEHSUCHT
Philipp Wenning y Sönke Kirchhof, IN VR
Thorsten Wiedemann y Sara Vogl, DISCONNECTED
Simon Wilkinson, CIRCA69
Marco Gaviño y Araceli Sánchez GRUPO MUV
Gilberto Castro y Alfonso Esparza



An intimate format of 15 participants to get the most out of the interaction with our guests; the exponents are the real protagonists of VR creations, both locally and globally.

Previous register | Limited capacity


Our guests present their projects in 20 minutes sessions.


Note: workshops, project presentations and panels with international guests will be in English

Requisito: los talleres, presentaciones de proyectos y paneles con invitados extranjeros requieren comprensión del idioma inglés


Wednesday 19 October

16:00 – 17:00 H
WORKSHOP Mate Steinforth: Motion Graphics in the VR world
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17:00 – 18:00 H
CIRCA69 by Simon Wilkinson
SEHSUCHT by Mate Steinforth

18:00 – 19:00 H
CONFERENCE: VR Introduction by André Lauzon
From painting on cavern’s walls to virtual reality, what makes a great show?

19:00 – 20:00 H
WORKSHOP IN VR 1: Cinematic VR (beginners)
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16:00 – 21:00 H
Kaleidoscope Showcase
VR Cinema
Marshmallow Laser Feast “Chameleon”
Simon Wilkinson “The Cube” y “HCIEYMWL?”
Intus “Holon”


Thursday 20 October

16:00 – 17:00 H
WORKSHOP André Lauzon: The medium of VR: why you should (almost) forget everything you know when making VR
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17:00 – 18:00 H
IN VR by Sönke Kirchhof and Philipp Wenning
ONIRIA/MUV by Araceli Sanchez
INTUS by Gilberto Castro

18:00 – 19:00 H
PANEL: VR in the arts
Simon Wilkinson, Robin McNicholas, Mate Steinforth and Philipp Wenning

19:00 – 20:00 H
WORKSHOP MUV: VR as a business model
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16:00 – 21:00 H
WORKSHOP MUV: VR as a business model
Kaleidoscope Showcase
VR Cinema
Marshmallow Laser Feast “Chameleon”
Simon Wilkinson “The Cube” y “HCIEYMWL?”
Intus “Holon”

Friday 21 October

16:00 – 17:00 H
WORKSHOP IN VR 2: Degrees of Immersion (VR knowledge requested)
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17:00 – 18:00 H
DISCONNECTED y A MAZE by Thorsten Wiedemann
LUCID TRIPS by Sara Vogl

18:00 – 19:00 H
PANEL: VR in marketing and entertainment
Sönke Kirchhof, Thorsten Wiedemann, Marco Gaviño and Gilberto Castro

19:00 – 20:00 H
WORKSHOP INTUS: VR art and representation
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16:00 – 21:00 H
Kaleidoscope Showcase
VR Cinema
Simon Wilkinson “The Cube” y “HCIEYMWL?”
Intus “Holon”

Saturday 22 October

Venue: Universidad de la Comunicación
Schedule: 10:00 – 18:00 H


This day long workshop will aim to give participants a starting point from which to begin creating their own VR experiences, covering both current thinking in VR storytelling techniques through to hands on practical experience of using the Unity games engine to create interactive, real time VR content.

The course will get participants through the initial learning curve necessary for making VR content so that they can move forward with their own projects and continue developing in their own time.

It involves a 21 point hands on session with Unity Games Engine covering an entry point to just about everything you can achieve with this software without the use of code. Ideal participants should have a desire to explore the practical use of virtual reality as a new experimental medium.

Requirements: English / bring your laptop preinstalled with the latest version of UNITY (

Register: Entry Point to VRLimited Capacity

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October

Venue: Museo Tamayo
Schedule: 10:00 – 18:00 H


A curated exhibition of the best in virtual reality film, art, and immersive experiences. Kaleidoscope has exclusive access to new work from the most innovative artists around the world through their global network of VR creators. These are the pioneers who are inventing the language of cinematic virtual reality.

“Bright Shadows” by Michael Catalano
“Longing for Wilderness” by Marc Zimmermann
“LoVR” by Aaron Bradbury
“Hello-Play: Future of Music” by Greg Barth
“The Pull” by Quba Michalski
“Fragments” by Toño Cabanelas and Antonio V. García-Serrano




Presented by: NISSAN KICKS
Supported by: SAE Institute and MUTEK.ES
Location: Universidad de la Comunicación (Querétaro 101, Roma) Norte
Date: Tuesday October 18
Schedule: 19H / 21H

Links: Intorno
SAE Institute
Mutek Spain
For decades, the creative potential surrounding acoustic environments have been undermined, especially during live shows; these are usually limited to provide a two-channel audio output (stereophonic sound). INTORNO LABS presents a unique immersive experience: a 3D audio concert where sound becomes the protagonist within a multi-dimensional auditory adventure.

INTORNO LABS, company dedicated to applying technology to music and located in Barcelona, will make its debut in Mexico on Tuesday, October 18th with an exclusive 3D concert, which will use a 24 channel soundsystem. This unique experience paired with the multidimensional sound will be led by MURCOF and EVILTAPES, who specially prepared this performance in the innovative lab in Barcelona and the SAE Institute Mexico.

MURCOF is the project of Mexican producer Fernando Corona, who has distinguished himself at an international scale due to his avant-garde explorations in sound (these go from minimal techno, to contemporary experimental chamber music). MURCOF’s collaboration with INTORNO LABS is the perfect opportunity to match technology with music. More than an installation, it is about an immersive experience which will transform perceptions and integrate the public into innovation and a constant improving by means of the most recent audio technology.

EVITAPES is the project of Santi Rodriguez, one of Mexico City’s most important audio engineers. He has a vast experience that led him to soundtrack the country’s most important concert and festivals. His eagerness to experiment goes along with INTORNO LABS’ intention to transcend the acoustic spaces with new technology.

OSDAY is a Mexican duo formed by Nika Milano and Rodrigo de Leon. They develop their music with a hybrid system of computers and modular synthesizers, through which they explore sound experimentation creating vast landscapes full of ambient and drone music.



Presented by:  British Council y MUTEK.MX
Date: 3 – 23 October


AltCity CDMX: Chameleon is an exploration of the people of Mexico City examining the relationship between virtual reality, sight and touch in one of the world’s most populous cities.

Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) will work with local artists to find and record stories of people within CDMX. The creative team will capture portraits of people in 360º, and texture them with objects and sounds that relate to their life. An interactive virtual gallery will be built which blurs the line between virtual and real. Viewers can explore and interact with digital busts -portraits of people in VR- that emerge from the darkness & we hear a 360º field recordings from the characters and environments documented. The images and soundscapes can also create a video installation.

The Project launches an open call to recruit local artists and professionals with the following skills:

– Photographers / film makers (who will capture & make the virtual imagery). Knowledge of Photoshop and or other editing & 3D softwares is useful.

– 3D Artists / animators (who will model & perfect the virtual objects). Knowledge of Unity, and or other editing, modelling & 3D softwares is useful.

– Sound Artists (who will capture & create soundscapes)

– Creative Technologists / Developers (who will develop the interactive elements). Knowledge of Unity, OpenFrameWorks, vvvv or similar is useful.

– Local 3D printing designer / studio – to develop the interactive objects.

We want to work with creative people who know the city, its people and can introduce it in all its wonders to MLF. They should be open to ‘thinking in 360º’ and to a collaborative process, which will hopefully bring something new to their creative practice.





Presented by: Create Digital Music and CTM Festival Berlin in collaboration with Interspecifics and MUTEK.MX
Venue: Laboratorio Arte Alameda
Date: 17 – 23 October
Application: FORM


A collaborative, improvisatory, experimental environment that invites artists, technologists and researchers in the fields of sound, image and related arts to imagine and realise new ideas in a week of intensive activity. Conceived by Peter Kirn (CDM) and CTM Festival Berlin, the Hacklab travels to different festivals and events, mutating in response to different artistic themes, co-hosts, and participants.

The Hacklab arrives at MUTEK.MX this year with the “Immersive Invention” theme. Mexican collective Interspecifics and artist and professor Roberto Morales join Peter Kirn to launch an open call in search of 20 artists and experimenters that wish to join an intensive program of collective production and workshops to be held at Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City. Taking place October 17 – 23, the projects and collaborations realized during this Hacklab will culminate with a presentation within the MUTEK.MX festival program.

Immersive Invention

Far from the age of computer screens, from the comfortable frame, from the painting on a wall or the proscenium theater, we are entering the age of sensory saturation. But this question of “immersion” takes radically different potential paths. It can be in the hands of mass media and consumer electronics producers – proprietary consumption devices, which like the early cinema are anti-democratic. Or it could be hacked and DIY. It can be cut-off, antisocial, escapist, and personal. Or, it could be – as we see in club culture’s own baths of sound and light – social and shared.

We invite a group of inventors to imagine their own relationship to immersion, whether introspective or social. Through whatever media – lighting and optics, headsets or speakers, high-tech or low-tech – we will create a collaborative playground where we create performances and interactive objects. These might appropriate existing tools and platforms or start from scratch.

We hope dancers and designers, fashion producers and composers, visualists and filmmakers and instrumentalists and singers join to explore what immersion might mean.

Application deadline: September 21st


Laboratorio Arte Alameda

Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd from 11 to 18 H
MusicMakers Hacklab
Open to the public

Demo – Workshops

Tuesday 18th from 18 to 20 H
Ernesto Romero – Microrex
Creative Processes with Supercollider Software

Wednesday 19th from 18 to 20 H
Marijke Jorritsma – NASA
Immersive Design Prototypes

Thursday 20th from 18 to 20 H
Furenku – Astrovandalistas
New tools for Music Applications

Friday 21st from 18 to 20 H
Eduardo Jiménez – Hacked Tapes
Miss, failure, error. The mistaken use of technology and its applications

Saturday 22nd at 16 H

Concert: First Iteration


– Roberto Morales Manzanares
– Peter Kirn 
– Interspecifics 

Museo Tamayo Auditorium

Sunday 23th at 16 H
Concert: Immersive Invention
Presentation of projects developed throughout the lab week