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Helados Cometa

Colima 162,
Roma Norte

Redes: tw: @HeladosCometa           f./HeladosCometa        ig: @HeladosCometa
Horario: domingo a miércoles 12 – 19H, jueves a sábado 12 – 20H

*10 min walk from the hotel
*Artisanal ice cream and coffee shop

Ask for the seasonal special flavours, their banana split “banana baby” or grab a cup of coffee.

El Dorado

Calle Patriotismo 90,
Colonia Escandón, I sección,
Miguel Hidalgo, 03800
Tel: 63101502
Social Media: tw: @ElDoradoDF f. /ElDoradoDF   ig: @eldoradodf
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 9 – 19H

*20 min drive from the hotel

*Mexican comfort food

The speciality here are the chilaquiles, they offer new combinations of chili sauces and toppings.

Postales de café

Mazatlán 32
Tel: 55 2559 2902
Social Media: tw. @postalesdecafe f. /postalesdecafe ig. @postalesdecafe
Schedule: Monday to Friday 8:30 – 20H,  Saturdays 9 – 20H, Sunday 9 – 15H

*15 min drive from the hotel

*Coffee shop


Premium coffee producers from Chiapas and Mexico City; they have several extraction methods and you can buy their products to take home.

Boulangerie 41

Popocatepetl 41
Tel: 01 55 5256 2747
Social Media: tw. @Boulangerie41                    f. /boulangerie41          ig.@boulangerie41
Schedule: Sunday to Thursday 8 – 20H, Friday and Saturday 8 – 21H

*10 min drive from the hotel
*French boulangerie

Ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner with fresh and healthy products of the highest quality. Everything is home-made: traditional French bread, desserts and Ricerca ice creams with an excellent coffee bar.


Puebla 120
Roma Norte
Ciudad de México
Tel: 01 55 5525 1326
Social Media: f. /nirvanamx
Schedule: Daily 13 – 18H

*15 min walk from the hotel
*Home cooked vegetarian

In Nirvana you will find a wide variety of traditional Mexican home-made vegetarian dishes.


Calle Chihuahua 93
Roma Norte

Tel:  52644334
Social Media: tw. @mimumx       f. /mimumx           ig. @mimumx
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 8 – 22H

*15 min walk from the hotel

*Vegan milk bar

They will fix you a great juice or malt with fresh produce and dairy free options.

Suu Way

Alfonso Reyes 238
Tel: 70982165
Social Media: tw. @suuwaymx f. /suuwaymx ig: @suuwaymx
Schedule: Daily 13 – 00H

*10 min drive from the hotel
*Thai and japonese cuisine
*Chef Tani Kosuke

Suu Way is a japanese-thai restaurant located in Colonia Condesa. The fried rice is a must in here also have a taste on their ramen noodles and salads.


Av Yucatán No.84 Local E2 Piso 1,
Roma Norte
Tel: 01 55 52 64 75 51  
Social Media: tw. @ParamoRoma     f. /ParamoRoma
Schedule: Daily from 19 – 02H

*15 min walk from the hotel
*Mexican antojitos

Great place to have some beers, cocktails and tacos.


Gral. Prim 95
Tel: 01 55 5592 5571
Social Media: tw. @amayamexico      f. /RestauranteAMAYA       ig. @amayamexico
Schedule: Monday to Saturday 13:30 – 23:30H
*20 min drive from the hotel
*Wine bar, mexican and spanish cuisine

*Chef Jair Téllez

Ask for the seasonal specials but try to order the wild mushroom fugazza, it is great.


Colima 124
Roma Norte
Tel: 01 55 7091 5660
Social Media: f. /CampoBaja     ig. @campobaja
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday 13 – 01H, Sunday 13 – 19H

*15 min walk from the hotel

*10 minute walk
*Mexican sea food
*Chef Ezequiel Hernández

Campobaja is the first place in the city embracing the concept of “Food from the Sea Field” with fresh and simple ingredients which render themselves into a culinary experience.