Emotion and harmony are key words to understand Christian Löffler’s work; they somehow help us perceive his characteristic autobiographical and melancholic approach to techno. “I don’t know why but I’m pretty sure that you will never hear a happy sounding song from me”, he told Inverted Audio. After editing many singles and EPs on Ki Records –label he co-founded–, and Orphanear, he published a few years ago an album which seemed inspired by cold, desolate landscaped, and which nevertheless got amazing reviews. Recently he stated that behind Young Alaska’s music (his most recent work), lies his opinion on electronic music ––which he feels is still young. For him, the seven songs compiled in Young Alaska were an attempt to discover how far he could take them. And he took them far all right. He took them to a place that links him to Pantha du Prince or John Talabot’s atmospheres. Until the time comes to enter that pensive mood on the dancefloor in Mexico, we have gotten our hands on many remixes to his album, from producers like Sieren and Mind Against, which we suggest you check.

Live set for Boiler Room