Over a year and a half ago, record label Ninja Tune commissioned Daito Manabe to make a video for the song “Straight & Arrow”, by FaltyDL. Manabe, a graduate in mathematics, science, technology and sensory dynamics made a robotic choreography of human limbs dancing in sync to the electric pulses of the song; the software was Manabe’s and the gadget to which the limbs were connected were Masaki Teruoka’s, an engineering genius that often teams up with him. The video immediately went viral and evinced the magnificent skills that Manabe had for developing programs and sound correspondences loaded with cinematic stimuli. This launched him as a star in art, music and film festivals, and positioned him as a pioneer in new technologies around the world (Exit, Scopitone, OFFF, Eyeo Festival…). His explorations of the possibilities of electrical signals based on musical information are often accompanied by his own compositions, made up, of course, of a thousand little digital sounds. For the piece he will be presenting as part of this year’s edition (developed in collaboration with Motoi Ishibashi), human movements interact with machines to make them coexist on the same stage.

Straight & Arrow (Body Hack & Vision Hack)
Robot Arm Scratch