Country: Mexico
Program: FMCC 1
Style: Beats, analog textures, and explosive multicolored dance landscapes full of energy, love, and IDM precision
Labels: Wolo, Lissajous, Otoño 
MUTEKs: Premier 

Links: OTONO

Lisboa Bear has a couple of independent releases in which he explores piano and electronic atmospheres; on her own side, Space Dynamite is preparing a highly anticipated debut album. Both were supported by Wolo, Otoño en Hiroshima, and Lissajous. Except for some few compilations and singles here and there, both of them are unedited. Still, they have opened shows for important artists such as Arms & Sleepers. This duo was in charge of presenting the Mexican version of the New York platform Smoothie Tunes, and they also have a full live set that showcases the best of both worlds.