A few days ago, British producer Daniel Avery boasted of curating a trimestral night at the Fabric starting in August; it will be titled “Divided Love”, and we can assure you it will immediately become a reference in London’s nightlife for being one of the most exciting things being produced nowadays. For, before being DJ and producer, Avery is a cultivated and voracious ear that as soon as he started releasing 12” and mixes such as “Stopmakingme”, he built a reputation of being one of the most prolific producers in the UK. In all of his works we can sense a tendency for creating pieces for the dancefloor that are exciting and emotional at the same time; with one foot set on the old-school and the other on the future. Maybe that’s the reason why he received unconditional support from the greatest: Andrew Weatherall and Erol Alkan. When he’s created mixes for others, these have included themes by Metronomy, In Fraganti, Munk, Hercules & Love Affair, and Devil Disco Club, many of which have returned the gesture with visits to his own music. Before his first album signed as Daniel Avery, he had already generated great expectations, so it wasn’t an easy road. But a great Drone Logic came last year, loaded with slowed-down, futuristic techno that, one adrenaline blow to the next, could leave us exhausted but wanting more. “Acid runs through Avery’s veins, but he’s no nostalgia peddler”, remarked Resident Advisor. The only nostalgia we can assure in relation to his music is that it will arrest us the minute his set for our 2014 edition has ended.

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