The son of a renowned surgeon, Benjamin Wynn decided to explore the mind through alternate paths: through audio design and music production. He’s composed music for several television series with which he’s earned many awards, but his delve into experimental, personal and electronic music has been outstanding. Baptized as Deru, he’s created albums for labels such as Merck, Neo Quija and, more recently, Friend of Friends; he’s authored and remixed for Ghoslty, Mille Plateaux or Unseen; and made the soundtrack for en experimental film that sought to document the experience of seeing Iceland’s most remote and beautiful places. For 1979 –his fifth album as Deru– he put together a collection of textures and melodies, which, combined, sculpt a moving ambient that can take us through memory lane escorted by melancholy. 1979 has been described as a time capsule of our times ––It came followed by a whole conceptual experiment that involves an interactive platform developed by EFFIXX, Anthony Ciannamea’s creative studio­, and includes letters, maps, nine short films and other artifacts designed to trigger nostalgia. In other words, an experiment on how musicians can potentiate their narrative processes through the use of tools from the digital era. Also, the concept-album has a sculptor counterpart for collectors: a wooden projector designed especially for projecting EFFIXX’s shorts.

Resident Advisor’s review on 1979