Egyptrixx’s club music has been called celestial. This is probably because it can actually lift our feet from the ground and take us into its own futuristic, melodic and dissonant universe. This time, the producer behind Egyptrixx, David Pstuka, is bringing along with him a tailor-made visual component he built together with A.N.F (Andreas Fischer) to potentiate narrative, repetitions and atmospheres within A/B til Infinity, his second album. With the same impulse that led him to create Hiawatha, an alternate project that set him afar from the dancefloor, he seeks to generate an immersive experience that can also be turned into a psychedelic one. Fischer’s visuals manage to create a whole world and make us question if it actually exists within volcanic grounds or somewhere out of this planet. A live-set that will have us walking through states that are at times meditative, at times evocative, or even at times violent. Psutka himself has said that it is an audiovisual performance which allows the spectator to roam within the capsuled lightning-flash on the cover of his second album.