Country: United States
Program: FMCC 1
Style: Experimental electronic full of complex rhythms, vocal tracks and virtual instruments. It is designed to provoke the ultimate sensorial emotion
Labels: 4AD, RVNG Intl.
MUTEKs: Montreal 2014

Links: 4AD
RVNG Intl.
Holly Herndon
Presented in the Germany-Mexico Dual Year with support of Goethe-Institut and the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Germany

Herndon evokes the zeitgeist of a particular time via a series of digital fragments which outlines some radical ideas about the excess of post-capitalism and its political and social effects. Her musical and intellectual discourse sets out the tone which connects the sensorial with the virtual. Her confrontation is the crumbling of rhythms which serve as a data overload to show the qualities of human voice, the best source of information to build a true consciousness.