Country: Mexico
Style: Experiments with multiple disciplines and living organisms

Links: Interspecifics
Interspecifics is a nomadic multispecies collective which experiments with the intersection between art and science. They embrace hybrid practices among different disciplines and living organisms, open knowledge and precariousness as a challenge. Their current lines of research are based in the use of sound to understand the bioelectrical activity of different bacterial banks, plants, slime molds, and humans using DIY and custom-made sets of hardware they call Ontological Machines.

Their work has been shown in FACT Liverpool, The European Congress of Artificial Life in York, Spektrum and Acud Macht Neu in Berlin, ICAS Festival in Dresden and TJINCHINA in Tijuana, Mexico. They were recently awarded by the Waag Society Amsterdam in its latest edition of HacktheBrain.

At the Special Project MusicMakers Hacklab they are represented by:

Leslie Garcia

She works developing projects of electronic art and digital media and is the co-founder of the digital media collective DreamAddictive and member of Astrovandalistas. She has been a researcher of the Nucleo Laboratorial Nano de la Escola de Belas Artes (UFRJ Rio de Janeiro). She coordinates MusicMakers Hacklab MX and the program of artistic exploration in sciences of life B10S. She is an artistic researcher for the Media Environments Department, under Professor Ursula Damm for the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.

Paloma Lopez

She is a producer and researcher graduated from Communication Sciences at ITESO. She has a Masters degree in Creative and Cultural Business Management at Goldsmiths University of London. She has been part of Radioglobal Collective and the production team of MUTEK_LAB Mexico and Distrital. She coordinates MusicMakers Hacklab MX and the artistic exploration program in sciences of life B10S. Right now she is an intern at the European network ECAS (European Cities for Advanced Sound) in which she develops an investigation work in the creation of a sense-expanding interface.