Presented by: NISSAN KICKS
Supported by: SAE Institute and MUTEK.ES
Location: Universidad de la Comunicación (Querétaro 101, Roma) Norte
Date: Tuesday October 18
Schedule: 19H / 21H

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SAE Institute
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For decades, the creative potential surrounding acoustic environments have been undermined, especially during live shows; these are usually limited to provide a two-channel audio output (stereophonic sound). INTORNO LABS presents a unique immersive experience: a 3D audio concert where sound becomes the protagonist within a multi-dimensional auditory adventure.

INTORNO LABS, company dedicated to applying technology to music and located in Barcelona, will make its debut in Mexico on Tuesday, October 18th with an exclusive 3D concert, which will use a 24 channel soundsystem. This unique experience paired with the multidimensional sound will be led by MURCOF and EVILTAPES, who specially prepared this performance in the innovative lab in Barcelona and the SAE Institute Mexico.

MURCOF is the project of Mexican producer Fernando Corona, who has distinguished himself at an international scale due to his avant-garde explorations in sound (these go from minimal techno, to contemporary experimental chamber music). MURCOF’s collaboration with INTORNO LABS is the perfect opportunity to match technology with music. More than an installation, it is about an immersive experience which will transform perceptions and integrate the public into innovation and a constant improving by means of the most recent audio technology.

EVITAPES is the project of Santi Rodriguez, one of Mexico City’s most important audio engineers. He has a vast experience that led him to soundtrack the country’s most important concert and festivals. His eagerness to experiment goes along with INTORNO LABS’ intention to transcend the acoustic spaces with new technology.

OSDAY is a Mexican duo formed by Nika Milano and Rodrigo de Leon. They develop their music with a hybrid system of computers and modular synthesizers, through which they explore sound experimentation creating vast landscapes full of ambient and drone music.