Country: Germany
Program: FMCC 1
Style: Micro and macro translucid house, ever-changing and close to italo and post click experimentation
Labels: Pampa Records, Dial, Playhouse
MUTEKs: Mexico 2005

Links: Pampa
Presented in the Germany-Mexico Dual Year with support of Goethe-Institut and the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Germany

If there is an artist who defines the early 20th century house, that one is Isolée. He manages to do this with a precise volume of electronic danceable music which transcends space and genre. His 2005 release We Are Monster is a niche for electronic music: it is a multi-sided piece that remains stuck in time, breaking everything on its path in terms of production and reach. It is located between the experimental abstraction and the practical neatness of danceable music. Isolée is a resonant gesture to any listener.