British Jon Hopkins likes to introduce himself briefly as an electronic composer, remixer and producer. Three labels that sum-up effectively his activities, although they leave out not only his previous experience as keyboardist for Imogen Heap, but also his wide range of interests (that in which many have seen some bipolarity), that doubtlessly comprise his personal approach to pop: lyrics and melodies inspired in folk and full-on bass and synth electronic music. He’s been frequently described as a production magician, trait that has earned him the comparison to Brian Eno (with whom he’s worked before), and has lead him to collaborate with Purity Ring, Coldplay and David Holmes. He’s been nominated a couple of times for the Mercury Awards, first with his album Diamond Mine, which he coauthored with King Creosote to recreate a dreamy Scottish landscape; and second with Immunity, the amazing introspective album he published a year ago and which contains, according to Mixmag magazine, a combination of organic techno and exquisite mini symphonies. A modern classic indeed. In his more recent work we heard him working on a couple of pieces from that album, now with Megan James’ (form Purity Ring) and Lulu James’ voice and lyrics. We can only fantasize about getting the whole Immunity remastered with their voices. In the meanwhile, we are eagerly expecting his performance in this year’s edition, where he will surely deliver an astounding, ultra-contemporary set.