Before Chicago music-label Kranky took in his album debut as Jonas Reinhardt in 2008, Jesee Reiner was playing music genres that are far from what he does today. In the 90’s he acquired a synthesizer and experimented with electronic music form the 60’s and 70’s, but since his debut as Reinhardt his project has been mutating with multiple collaborations and interventions to his past solo projects. Today, in addition to playing his usual sets in New York clubs and other points around the planet, he shows his work at places like the Tate Modern, MUTEK or The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. His newest and most ambitious project up to date, Ganymede, was released with a limited number of copies under the label Constellation Tatsu. Inspired by the biggest moon in the solar system, the project included an album and an experimental film divided into six parts, each one of them shot on 16mm by a different director from Brooklyn. The result was an exercise for the imagination about extraterrestrial life from the standpoint of abstractions and clusters of textures. For this year’s edition, Jonas Reinhardt will play live an extended soundtrack for the film.

The Private Life Of A Diamond